Passion Originals

How to Talk to Your Kids About Thankfulness

Emily Gross



Does Idolatry Still Exist?

Summer in the City

Burn Bright Devotionals

Passion Music

Passion Music released their latest album, Burn Bright, and dove into the meaning of Beautiful Jesus, What He's Done, New Thing, My Eyes Have Seen, and Shine Like Stars.

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How We Thrive in the Battle


10 Lessons for Longevity

Misty Paige

"Over the past 18 years that I have been in ministry (10 of which have been at Passion Conferences), I’ve been a part of events that changed generations and moments tailored for individual families."

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Reading Plans for Her

The Fight Club Team

Articles for Him

God is Our Guide

The Fight Club Team

"Yes, as men, we are going to face all kinds of obstacles on a day-to-day basis, but the promise of Psalm 1 is that if we focus on following God’s way, memorizing His routes and listening to His voice, we will be blessed to have God Almighty watch over our course and lead us. Take heart today in the truth that you are not alone; God is your guide."

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Articles for Young Adults

Passion Students

Reading Plans for Students

The Other Side

3-Day Journey for Persevering through the Trials

"Whether that’s encouraging or not is really up to you. We can sulk at His sovereignty, and think “if I was God, I would do it differently” or we can surrender to His sovereignty, and say “His ways are higher than my own.”

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Worship As Your Weapon

Devotions From Our Worship Team

All Praise

Sean Curran

"Maybe the sacredness of something is only limited by our ability to see it. Maybe instead of looking for what’s not here, we should stare long enough to see what’s actually here. If we have anything to learn from the Pharisees, it’s that we can stare God in the face and have absolutely no idea we are doing so."

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