What is a Fight Club?

Helping Each Other Win the Fight

A Fight Club, in simple terms, is an accountability group of 3-5 men—a place where friendship and encouragement are met with regular accountability. At its heart is not a Bible Study or discipleship group (although you will talk about Scripture often), but it is a group of men who share a similar season of life and meet consistently to help each other win the Fight.

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Our Mission

We want to be men who contend for what matters most. However, most of us realize that we aren’t going to fulfill our God-designed destiny alone. That’s why we are inviting every man to form their own Fight Club, a group of 3-5 men who meet together on a consistent basis to spur one another on as we Fight in four areas:

  1. For our relationship with God.
  2. For our heart and character.
  3. For our family (and future family).
  4. For our brothers.

How Do I Start?

1. Choose your guys.
2. Determine your place and pace.
3. Read through the Fight Club Covenant together and commit to showing up, being vulnerable, and honest with each other.
4. Begin meeting together and working through the 5 questions:

  1. Have you intentionally pursued your relationship with God since we last met?
  2. Have you made it a priority to love and lead your family well since we last met?
  3. Have you looked at anything or been involved with anyone in a way that would compromise your purity since we last met?
  4. Have you been honorable and lived with a sense of mission, leveraging your life for others since we last met?
  5. Have you been completely honest about the above questions?

5. Register your group below.

Next Steps

Register Your Group

Registering your Fight Club is the best way to set yourself into the rhythm of all things Fight Club, including all Fight Club events such as Fight Night and Fight Night Local, and signs you up to receive regular content from our team. Our desire is to develop a connection with you and resource you and your guys as you continue to Fight for what matters most!

Register Your Group

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