Rising Together To Serve The City

For God. For People. For The City. For The World.

LOVE ATLANTA exists to inspire and mobilize people towards a lifestyle of service. We want to continue to rise up, show up, and leverage our lives to see the landscape of Atlanta change through our service + generosity. We have formed relationships with some incredible partners working all over our city who we love to come alongside and support, living out our calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have ongoing ways each month for you to serve!


For the 11th year in a row, our House has the opportunity to provide backpacks to elementary-aged kids in our city as they prepare to head back to school this fall. For us, this is more than a backpack, it's an opportunity for us to say that we are for you, we believe in you, and we're cheering you on as you head back to school with all the supplies you need to succeed and thrive. #THATWEMAY

Even though our backpack collection time is over, you can still buy a backpack online at the link below and we will distribute it to local schools.


Our city can be changed by our love.

LOVE ATLANTA 2020 Impact

—106,032 total meals served / given

—13,660 total hours served


—3,695 total volunteer roles filled

—73,826 total free COVID Tests

During the height of the summer lockdown, we were able to partner with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to turn our parking lot at 515 into a mobile food pantry. We'd receive palettes of food, sort them and then distribute bags full of multiple pounds of food to our neighbors in need. We were also able to work with our partners to serve hot meals around the city.

From weekly food pantries to blood drives, concerts for residents in senior living centers to hundreds of other projects, this year we were able to pivot and serve even more people in our city than ever before through LOVE ATLANTA.

We are so grateful for all of the heroic frontline workers in our city. To show our appreciation, we've been delivering meals to local hospitals and fire stations throughout this year.

We want to be a good neighbor, celebrating with people during the highs and lows of life. From ITP to OTP and everywhere in between, we've had the privilege of walking alongside our neighbors during this challenging year through a variety of different serving roles and projects.

Through our partners this year, we've been able to offer free COVID testing in our parking lot at our 515 location.

Featured stories from this LOVE ATLANTA...

—10,000 MEALS


When COVID hit, very early on as our Team pivoted to a new normal, we knew we wanted to support the essential frontline workers from our House and city in whatever way we could. We started delivering meals to every fire station and hospital across metro Atlanta. We started doing this weekly back in March 2020, organized parades and cheering sections at shift change over the summer, and have continued delivering monthly meals to all our local hospitals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond into 2021. As of May 2021, during Nurse's Week, we delivered our 10,000th meal, adding an exclamation point to our efforts to show up for Frontline Workers across the city!


We serve because we may…

Support our efforts to LOVE ATLANTA

We partner with 100+ organizations all over Atlanta in giving our time, efforts, and resources. Consider giving to help us plan and execute additional projects, strengthen and build more partnerships, and mobilize more people to go out and LOVE our city.

We are grateful for every hour served, every person connected, and every dollar given towards seeing our city continue to rise to its potential. LOVE ATLANTA currently exists as an outreach of Passion City Church.



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