Glory of God.
    Radical Grace.
      Extravagant Worship.

We are a Jesus Church. A small tribe of His followers connected by our common faith and a deep desire to see our city [and the world] come to know His power and beauty. We are not perfect. But Jesus is. Thankfully, we are a Jesus Church.

What we believe

We live in shifting times but are rooted in eternal truths, the teachings of Holy Scripture. Here at Passion City Church we are guided by certain foundational beliefs and shaping values.

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Theological truths


Knowable Truth

We believe in the accuracy, truth, authority and power of the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God.


One God

We believe in a personal God who has revealed Himself as One. God exists in three persons–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–each distinct, yet all of One essence.


Uniqueness of Christ

We believe Jesus Christ to be the virgin born Son of God who lived in flesh, died for the sins of the world, was buried, rose again, and ascended to the Father according to the Scriptures.


Grace Life

We believe that the death of Jesus Christ was the final and complete sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Salvation is obtained by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. All who repent of their sins and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are born again into eternal life as children of God.


Indwelling Power

We believe that life on earth is to be lived in the power of the Holy Spirit, who indwells believers, enabling them to live distinctive lives in the life and power of Christ, making famous the Father in heaven.


God's People

We believe that those who have placed their faith in Christ are knit together in one Body, the Church, a distinctive community of faith expressed in local clusters, engaging culture on every front with God’s hope and love … a Church for which Christ will personally return.


The Knowledge of the Holy

Created by and for God, we seek to passionately pursue an intimate relationship with God in response to His great love for us. To know God is the ultimate treasure of the soul.


Whole Life Worship

More than outward forms, theologically informed worship must encompass our entire existence, whereby in all circumstances our words and actions bring glory to God.


His Renown

We echo and affirm the Westminster confession: “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” All things exist for the glory of God.


Community of Faith

The worldwide Body of Christ functions best in localized communities of believers. Thus we seek to plant churches that amplify His fame, strengthen the lives of people and repair communities so that all people can know the healing power and grace of the Savior.

Saturday, March 9, 9:30a – 3:30p

US > Conference

US> Conference is a one day event for the Door Holders of Passion City Church. This is one of the most significant days for those who call Passion City home—a day full of vision, celebrating, and culture making that will shape the future of our House. We also have some unforgettable and fun things planned just for your kids, so there is no reason not to bring the whole family and join us!

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Who We Are

At Passion City Church we are united by a common faith which knits us together like family. Our faith reconnects us with our Creator and awakens us to the design and purpose of our lives.

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This is How We Describe Us...
Number One

Jesus is Our Lead Story

In fact, Jesus is our only story. He is preeminent in our hearts and central in all we do.

We believe Jesus is unrivaled in history and eternity. He is God and He is good; glorious both now and forever. His Name is the only name that saves. His power is the only power that can raise us from the dead.

Our goal is not just to get people to church. Ultimately, we want people to meet Jesus. That’s why we say we are a Jesus church. We really don’t want to be identified by any other name.

Number Two

The Gospel is Central

Everything we do is because of what Jesus has already done.

We believe that Jesus, who was God in human flesh, erased our debt on the cross and lives to be our life. Jesus did what we could never do to allow us to experience what we could never have apart from Him.

The gospel we celebrate is not that our sin made us bad people and somehow Jesus makes us better. We believe our situation was far worse than that. Our sin left us spiritually dead and separated us from the perfect Father.

Our good news is this: Jesus didn’t just come to make us better versions of ourselves. Jesus came to bring us from death to life.

All we do and say is anchored in this gospel story.

Number Three

Worship is a Lifestyle

We love to worship and we love to sing. But for us, worship is more than singing songs. Worship is life.

The world is broken. People are hurting. In so much of Earth—disease, injustice, poverty, and neglect win the day. That’s why God wants more than a song. God wants justice for the poor and oppressed.

We believe worship and justice are two sides of the same coin. Our best worship is the song we sing as we reach out to those in need.

We believe there is no division between the sacred and the secular. Life is not about what you do, it’s about why you do it. Worship is doing everything we do to the fullest potential; using our unique gifts and opportunities to magnify Jesus everywhere, all the time.

We love to work. Because we believe our work is worship when it’s done as a way of bringing honor to God.

Number Four

Generosity is Normal

We are the recipients of the greatest gift the world has ever known—the love, grace and mercy of God. At no cost to us, yet at the highest cost to our Savior, we are free and forgiven forever. Our destiny has changed. Our identity is brand new. Our guilt is vanquished. Our eyes are opened.

Having freely received, we freely give.

We believe Jesus is a giver and not a taker. Not only has He given us life and breath, but by His death and resurrection He defeated the sin that would rob us of both. So, when it comes to giving, we believe percentages are a thing of the past, and obligation is the wrong approach. Giving is worship—and our worship is a response to the extravagant grace and glory of God. Our response isn’t to calculate how little we can return to Him, but to offer God everything as our only appropriate thanks for all we have and are in Jesus.

Generosity is not so much about our wealth as it is about our hearts, and our confidence in God over money.

Generosity is not only for those with great net worth. We believe even what seems small can be used for great things when placed in the hands of God.

Number Five

We Are Family

We want to be organized for maximum impact, but we believe church is more than an organization you join; it is a family to which you belong.

Church is not about membership, it’s about relationship.

By grace we are God’s children. That makes us family— brothers and sisters placed in a household called the Church.

Church is different. And special. We are God’s people, alive because of His grace. We don’t pay our membership dues and then expect a certain return. We pitch all we have and are into the House, root our lives within our family, and walk with each other through thick and thin.

Our church may have many rooms, but there is just one House. No room elevates itself above another, but together we build our House for His fame.

We are a family on mission in our cities and the world.

Number Six


We believe the story we are a part of is bigger than the role we play. And since we are a church where Jesus is central, we already happily know that it’s not about “me.”

Me-ism fragments and dilutes the story we carry. We-ism triumphs and makes us strong.

We want our bench to be deep and our brand to be Jesus. We believe everyone has a role to play and a story to tell. We don’t always have to get credit for everything we do, because the One who sees it all rewards us all.

For us, there is no they… as in, “I don’t know who decided that, but they must not have thought about us when they did.” In most organizations, they is simply code for the people we don’t know, can’t see or don’t like. We are just we. That’s why our first response is to assume the best and why we don’t make blanket statements we can’t support. We don’t say everyone feels a certain way, unless we have literally polled everyone and know that to be the case.

We take ownership in our House, even if we are not making all the decisions. We support. We trust. We unite. We squash gossip and champion those around us.

We won’t always get everything right, so when needed we talk to the proper people in the proper ways so that our we can become as strong as it can be.

Because we is greater than me.

Number Seven

Culture is What You Make It

Culture is one of the things each of us can decide about our lives.

Ultimately, we choose how we shape the values, attitudes, language, expectations, motivations and atmosphere in which and from which we live.

Every company, organization, school, and family has its own unique way of doing things. That’s called culture.

Because we are a collection of many people from various places, backgrounds, and stories, we believe culture-making is essential for unifying our House around shared vision and galvanizing our hearts as we carry the message of Jesus to the world.

Number Eight

Words Matter

Language is essential. With our words we create the world in which we live. That’s why we try not to use clichés and do not feel bound by standard terminology.

We seek to create and shape our culture by using words and phrases that accurately reflect the people we want to be and the things we endeavor to do.

For example, we have “gatherings” on the weekend and not services, because when we come together in worship it’s more about gathering than it is about serving.

Of course, there are many people who serve to make these gatherings possible, but we call them “Door Holders” and not volunteers. They don’t all literally hold a door, but they do all consider it a pleasure to happily open the way for others to experience Jesus.

We do “hosting time” in our gatherings instead of announcements, a time where we share the latest on the life of our House, which is what we call our church. We currently meet in multiple locations but we will always be one House. We believe the church is not a building, but its people.

Number Nine

We Design Everything

Because God is the most beautiful One of all, beauty matters in all we do. Every sign, place, communication, decoration—every inch of our space is designed.

Intentionally. Culturally. Purposefully.

We do not believe our design needs to be ostentatious. But we do believe everything needs to be designed. Our design is one of the ways we speak to the world around us and reflect God’s beauty. And because God is in the details, we design down to the smallest level. We value creativity because it points us back to the Creator of all. Regular, ordinary, and usual are not on our list of values.

Design affirms that we are current and helps us usher His unchanging message to a rapidly evolving world. That’s why we put so much thought and energy into the spaces we invite people into. Before most people hear us, they see us. We want what they see to be inviting, interesting, inspiring, excellent, and compelling.

Everyone isn’t naturally a designer. So if this is not your strong suit, our design team and others are always happy to help.

Because order communicates purpose, and attention to detail reflects beauty, we pay attention to our surroundings. We displace clutter, wipe counters, straighten pillows, pick up paper towels that miss the trash can, create welcoming spaces, and leave environments looking better than when we arrived.

Number Ten

That We May

When it comes to serving God and people, we want to leave obligation in the dust. We were lost and dead when the love of God came and found us. Now we are alive and free. So we don’t serve because we have to or even because we can.

We serve because we may.

We want to exceed expectations, serving in the power of God’s spirit and with the joy that He gives. We are followers of Jesus, therefore our desire to serve is big and no role is too small. Serving in His House is not a pain, it’s a privilege.

We bring our best. We are proactive, and we take initiative. Because Jesus brings change, we embrace flexibility.

Serving is not optional for Jesus people. Serving is the Jesus way.

Number Eleven

Set The Tone

Because we carry the light of Jesus, we want to lift the atmosphere everywhere we go. We may not be in control of every environment, but we want to inject positivity and life into every situation.

We believe in more than hype; we want to keep it real. Yet, if Jesus is alive from the dead, nothing is more real than that.

We rise above feelings, choose joy, and lead from a source greater than ourselves.

We refuse to adjust to the current climate, but believe we are catalysts who raise the tone, shift the mood, and call the people around us to more.

Number Twelve

Humility + Honor

Because Jesus is at the center, we do not take ourselves too seriously, nor do we elevate ourselves above each other. Because He is our shining star, there’s no need for us to act like big-shots. But because we are His, we also don’t cheat ourselves and live like we are nobodies. We are humbly confident in who God has made us to be.

Since humility is the way to greatness in the Kingdom of God, we want to walk humbly with God and men. Pride repels. Humility attracts.

We believe humility is not simply a character trait to be developed, it is the by-product of being with Jesus. Thus, we strive to stay close to Him.

We believe God rewards humility and lifts people.

Because He has honored us, we honor our leaders, our teammates, and our family.

Number Thirteen

We Are Kingdom People

We love our “tribe” at Passion City Church, but also love that we are just a small part of the “Big C” Church Jesus is building. Because His Church will prevail, we will join Jesus in planting and building His Church among all people.

Every Jesus church doesn’t look and feel the same, nor should it. So, wherever Jesus is proclaimed as Lord, the One Savior of all and the way to life forever, we seek to find ways to celebrate our common faith.

Competition distracts and divides in cities where a thousand gospel-centered churches could emerge tomorrow and there would still be a need for more.

We are a Jesus church.

US >

Our church is more than a place, it's a people in every place living for the One whose fame outshines every name. This is US. The core values + standards that guide our tribe in everything we do.

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Our History

We are: for God. for people. for the city. for the world.

Passion City Church began with a stirring in the hearts of Louie and Shelley Giglio for the local church. Born out of the Passion Movement (a decades-old movement among the collegiate generation), they sought to plant a local community of faith impacted and informed by the DNA of Passion.

With a small team of people, that vision took flight in 2008, as small gatherings began in homes throughout Atlanta. The desire was to foster a family of believers connected by a common faith, on mission in the city and the world to amplify the name of Jesus.

And that’s exactly what happened. Our first gathering was held on February 15, 2009, in Atlanta at The Tabernacle. From there, God faithfully provided, as our little tribe met at various locations all over the city of Atlanta until we landed in our first permanent gathering site at 515 Garson Drive. Since then we’ve added locations in the Cumberland and Trilith areas of Atlanta and a location in Washington D.C. whose weekly gatherings started in April of 2018.

Passion City Church remains a place where the gospel is central and Jesus is always the lead story. We are a Jesus church and want to gather in worship and scatter to shine His light and love throughout the city and beyond.

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Our Leadership

Louie + Shelley Giglio

Louie is the Visionary Architect and Director of the Passion Movement, comprised of Passion Conferences, Passion City Church, Passion Publishing and sixstepsrecords, and the founder of Passion Global Institute. Shelley is the Chief Strategist, Director of Label Operations and Artist Management for sixstepsrecords, co-founder of the Passion Movement, and leads The GROVE, a gathering for the Women of Atlanta.

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