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Passion Students exists to awaken and inspire a generation of middle and high school students to live their lives for what matters most, the fame and renown of Jesus.

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Students Edition

Launch Students is a two-week journey to teach and equip middle school and high school students about who Jesus is and what is means to follow Him. Any student can attend, whether they are still exploring their faith or they are just wanting to deepen their knowledge of Jesus. RSVP for an upcoming session today!


Passion Worship Academy

For years, the Passion City Church worship team has had the desire to include our students in leading, and we believe now is the time to take the step. The vast majority of our adult worship team “cut their teeth” on leading worship in the context of their local church growing up. We want to extend that same opportunity to our students. More than having auditions and throwing them up on stage, we want to provide active discipleship for gifted students in our house. We don’t just want to raise up musicians. We want to develop worshippers who are humble in heart and competent in their craft.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the best way to get my student plugged into Passion Students?

By attending a Passion Students gathering! We have an amazing team that is ready and excited to welcome your student. There is no need to register prior to attending a students gathering. We will welcome your student, plug them into a Family Group, and make sure they have an incredible time!


As a parent, can I come check out Passion Students?

We are very intentional about who comes into our space, for the safety of our students and leaders. Each Team member and adult who is present in our space has to take a background check prior to serving. However, if someone from our Team is available, they would be happy to show you around.


Where does Passion Students meet?

Passion Students meet in the Loading Dock at our 515 location, on the third floor of the Central Building at our Cumberland location, and in the Shipyard at our Trilith location.


What is the best way to get updates on what is happening in Passion Students?

The best way to receive updates from our Team is by signing up on our email list. Our Team sends out monthly emails with details about all that is happening in the life of Passion Students!


How do I become a Door Holder within Passion Students?

Currently, our Team has an amazing group of Door Holders leading our middle + high school students and we are not adding any additional leaders. If you are interested in serving in Passion Students in the future, please fill out the form below. Until then, we want to encourage you to serve as a Door Holder on another one of our AMAZING teams at Passion City Church.

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How do I get in touch with the Passion Students Team?

The best way to get in touch with our Team is to email with any questions you may have.