FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey

The most important decisions we make are about who we are, and who we are becoming. We benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of those who have gone before us and reflect Jesus — a mentoring relationship between women can be rich soil for spiritual growth. FLOURISH is a 12-month journey created + facilitated by Passion City Church that combines being rooted in the Word of God and learning from a woman farther ahead in her walk with Jesus.

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The heart of FLOURISH is to see women firmly rooted in Jesus and the living Word of God.

Mentoring: God’s Idea That Goes Far Beyond Ourselves

  1. We mentor because there is unmistakable evidence in Scripture of the call to mentor the next generation (Titus 2, Mal. 4:6, Isa. 8:18.)
  2. We mentor because the way we live matters, and we are called to influence the way others live, as well.
  3. We mentor because intentional relationships create a safe place for us to listen, ask hard questions, unearth potential, diligently pray for and unconditionally love others and point them to Jesus.

Along with our mentoring program here at Passion City Church, we’ve also recently released FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey for women all over the world. This resource will help women start a mentoring journey for themselves or their church wherever they are.

If you’re interested in facilitating FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey as an individual or church outside of Passion City, we want to walk alongside your team. Gain valuable insight from the Flourish Team by visiting us here.

Frequently Asked Questions



FLOURISH: A mentoring Journey is a year-long commitment that connects women of The Grove in a curriculum-based mentoring relationship to encourage and challenge one another in their walks with Jesus. FLOURISH calls women to a higher standard of living following the commands in Titus 2:3-5, a God-filled life for the sake of the Gospel.


How old do you have to be?

FLOURISH is open to mentors ages 30+ and mentees 23+ at the time of application.


What are the weekly and monthly requirements?

Meetings – whether in-person or virtual – will happen monthly, sometimes alternating between “one-on-one” meetings between mentor/mentee, and full group meetings with mentors and fellow mentees. In order for the soil of your mentoring relationship to grow, we ask that you have devotional time in the Word five days a week, which includes mentees also connecting with mentors via email at the end of each week.


What required reading do you have in FLOURISH?

FLOURISH will provide its own curriculum. Occasionally, you will also be asked to read throughout books during the year in order to better understand the Scriptures and topics we are discussing on this journey.


Do I have to be mature in my walk with Christ to participate in FLOURISH?

Absolutely not! But you need to be willing to commit and hold your commitment! That’s what FLOURISH is for, to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Your mentor is going to help guide you on this journey and point you to Jesus. Will you mentor have all the answers? No, but she is going to walk with you and open scripture with you to help you gain a better understanding of who Jesus is. So, in other words, you need just the right amount of maturity to stick to your commitment and press on to see what God has in store for you without cutting this opportunity short or slacking!


Do I get to pick my mentor?

No, but know that we are very intentional in our matching process. We read every application with intention and much prayer. We consider many factors to provide each mentee with the best mentor possible. We also try to find a mentor in your area of town when paired with a mentor in the same city.


How many fellow mentees will I have?

Our mentor to mentee ratio can range anywhere from 2 to 8 girls. This depends largely on the mentor’s capacity and choice. But remember: the focus of FLOURISH is on the Mentor/Mentee relationship which will include both individual and group meetings throughout the year.


Am I required to attend a local church or The Grove regularly?

Whether participating in FLOURISH from Atlanta or outside of the city, you are required to be an active participant in the local Church. You are not required, but we highly encourage you to make attending or engaging virtually with The Grove a priority. We believe it’s important to be a part of what Jesus is doing through The Grove and we believe it is imperative to be rooted + contributing to the local Church in your community.


What curriculum do you use? Is it a book or study?

Our curriculum is written in House and is fully based on Scripture. We do not have a book or a devotional, but we focus on diving into the Word of God. FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey.

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Is there a cost for FLOURISH?

Yes. You will need to order the curriculum, which is combined in one book for both Mentor and Mentee. You can order your book below for $25.

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