A Mentoring Journey

FLOURISH is a mentoring journey that combines being rooted in the Word of God and learning from a woman in a different stage in her walk with Jesus. Throughout your FLOURISH journey you will:

  • Build relationship and community with a mentor or mentee.
  • Explore what Scripture says about identity, calling, gratitude, and other relevant topics.
  • Learn to wholeheartedly love and follow Jesus.
  • Challenge how your individual story fits into God’s larger redemption story.
  • Rich, spiritual mentoring wasn’t our idea.

    It was, is, and always will be God’s plan for us – for you.

    We created a Scripture-based curriculum to equip women participating in the program. FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey, now available in two volumes, includes daily devotionals around six unique topics for spiritual growth and training materials for the journey. These resources invite women to step into a promise-filled journey through scripture both as a mentor or a mentee. 

      If you’re interested in facilitating FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey as an individual or church outside of Passion City, we want to walk alongside your team. Gain valuable insight from the FLOURISH Team by visiting us here.

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      Frequently Asked Questions


      What is FLOURISH?

      FLOURISH is a year-long mentoring program created by Passion City Church that connects women everywhere in a curriculum-based mentoring relationship to encourage and challenge one another in their walks with Jesus. FLOURISH calls women to a higher standard of living following the commands in Titus 2:3-5, a God-filled life for the sake of the Gospel.


      Is there an age requirement to participate?

      We encourage women in all stages and seasons of life who desire to strengthen their relationship with Jesus to engage with FLOURISH. In building our curriculum, we believe it is best experienced by women 18 and older, and we also know that each woman has a unique story. With that truth in mind, everyone seeking mentorship as they choose to live a life rooted in the Word of God is encouraged to apply to the global program hosted by Passion City Church.


      Do I need to call Passion City Church my home to participate in FLOURISH?

      FLOURISH is open to women everywhere and now includes the opportunity to participate both in-person and virtually. While being a part of Passion City Church is not required, we do hope you have a home church and a community where you belong!


      Do I have to be mature in my walk with Christ to participate in FLOURISH?

      All you need is a willingness to commit to the journey! That’s what FLOURISH is for — to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Your mentor will guide you on this journey, pointing you to Jesus. Your mentor may not have all the answers, but she will open Scripture and walk with you as you gain a better understanding of who Jesus is. So, in other words, you need just the right amount of maturity to stick to your commitment and press on to see what God has in store for you through this opportunity!


      What is the time commitment?

      Meetings take place monthly and include opportunities for mentors to connect with their mentees one-on-one as well as opportunities for women to gather as a group with their shared mentor. We encourage women to build daily devotional time into their lives, spending time in the Word for 15 minutes five days a week. Everything you need for the journey is provided in the FLOURISH curriculum, including your daily devotionals!


      Do I get to pick my mentor?

      For those participating in FLOURISH with Passion City Church, we are very intentional with the matching process. We consider many factors to provide each mentee with the best mentor possible given her stage and season of life. For those seeking an in-person experience, we also consider geographic location.


      How many fellow mentees will I have?

      Our mentor to mentee ratio can range anywhere from 2 to 8, depending largely upon the mentor’s capacity and preference. The focus of FLOURISH is on the relationship between a mentor and mentee, and so, the program is designed to include both individual and group meetings throughout the year.


      Do you provide training for mentors?

      The curriculum provides a full section exclusively meant to support mentors as they guide women through the program. For the program hosted at Passion City Church, we invite mentors to in-person and virtual training sessions to better serve them in their role. For more information, please email [email protected]


      Is there a cost to participate in FLOURISH?

      Both mentors and mentees will want their own dedicated copy of the FLOURISH curriculum in order to ensure the best experience with the program content and daily devotionals.

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