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I Am
#3 in series

I AM the Door of the Sheep

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Have you ever struggled to fall asleep because you can’t remember if the front door was locked before you went to bed? You’re pretty sure it is, but you can’t truly rest because in the back of your mind is the possibility that a robber could bust through the door at any moment.

Jesus says, not in His house. 

Jesus is the door that protects His sheep. The only people that come in are the ones He lets in. But there are many other voices in the world. They aim to lure you away from the gate they can’t get in. These are the thieves and robbers Jesus warns us about in scripture. They won’t do what they’re telling you they will. These varying voices are designed to draw you away with an empty promise that inside their door is what you’ve always been looking for. “Do whatever it takes to find followers, then you’ll feel better about yourself.” “You need to look different if you want to have friends.” “If you want to be happy, then find a relationship and stay in a relationship.” “You’ve been working hard and need a break. Just come inside this one time.” But Jesus says, “I am the door. If anyone comes through me, they will be saved… and find pasture.”

Only Jesus can give you the rest you’re looking for.

Only Jesus is strong enough to keep you safe from thieves and robbers. He’s your defender and protector. He is a sanctuary of rest and a safe place in your darkest night. He is strong enough to defend you and caring enough to comfort you in His pasture. Anyone who desires can come through this door. But entering this door means coming through Christ. You cannot go around Him, and you cannot go above Him or beneath Him. The only way into this pasture is to come through Him. The only way to go through Christ is to find your rest in what Christ went through for you. At the cross, Christ became an outcast so we could come in. He took our sin on Himself outside the city walls so we could find our home in Him. Only here, in the door of Christ, can you find the eternal deep soul rest you’ve always been looking for. Rest here. Don’t believe the lies; Jesus is the only door worth walking through.

What doors do you typically find yourself walking in?

Take some time to rest in what it means to come through Christ.