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A Mother’s Heart

40 min
Episode Notes

Holly Furtick is wife to Steven Furtick and together they are the founders of Elevation Church. Holly & Steven live in Charlotte, NC with their 3 kids growing kids – Elijah, Graham & Abbey. Holly is a church leader, speaker, author of 2 Bible studies and she loves to cook. What we love most about her Holly is constant zeal, passion and heart for Jesus + her family. To stay connected to all Holly is doing check out or follow her on IG at @hollyfurtick. And to see all that Steven & Holly are doing in Charlotte visit

In today’s episode, Holly sit downs with Grove Director, Cara Dyba, to share about releasing our children back to God in every season. Holly was last with us in Nov 2020 {Season 3 Episode 7 :: A Steady Confidence} where she talked about growing in leadership, leading through difficult seasons and fighting for healthy relationships. Well today feels like her hearts cry in an extension of those days. Holly gracefully shares with us how to release our children but more importantly how to trust God through the process. This message is for any woman regardless of her maternal status – There is a deep truth around believing God with the things we hold dearest and trusting He knows best for us. We are excited for you to hear this discussion, because we know once you’ve heard it you’ll never be the same!

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