In quietness and trust is your strength

August 27-September 3, 2023

For two Sundays a year, our House steps away from our normal weekend routine and into the rhythm of Sabbath. We realize the idea of NOT MEETING is a little crazy on the surface, but we are guided by a deeper spiritual belief that God intended to weave Sabbath rest into the fabric of creation. We believe that as we cease from our efforts and celebrate again that God is the source of all we have and need, we will experience renewed strength and vision as a House.

Online Sabbath Gathering

Our team has created two prerecorded online Sabbath gatherings to help us all observe Sabbath rest. Our prayer is that these would help us remember that Sabbath is not time off, but rather time up with God. You can watch them on the Passion City Church YouTube Channel starting on the following dates and times:

First Experience: August 27 at 9:30a
Second Experience: September 3 at 9:30a

Visit Our YouTube Channel

A Letter from our Pastor

Hi Passion City Family,

First, thank you for being such a generous House and for helping our church continue to move forward through your Above + Beyond giving. It was so incredible to see the response both in Atlanta and D.C. I know for us, we were thrilled about the answered prayer of seeing hundreds more individuals and families lean into our A+B journey compared to last year. Our church is growing stronger. As of today, over $4 million has been given to help our House support our local and global ministry partners and move into the “beyond” as God leads Passion City Church. We know this number will continue to grow in coming days.

On the heels of Above + Beyond we are entering one of our most sacred seasons.

For two Sundays a year, our House steps away from our normal weekend routine and into the rhythm of Sabbath. For us, this is more than simply time off. This is time up, as we stop, rest and remember. It’s an opportunity for us to declare once again that our confidence and hope are in God alone.

During Sabbath Break we will not have in person gatherings Sunday, August 27 and Sunday, September 3. The seats may be empty, but the Church is very much alive. We will have an amazing pre-recorded online gathering that will encourage you in the journey of Sabbath rest. We believe that as we rest, God will do more.

Everything we’ve gotten to put our hands to this year has been made possible through your service and generosity. It’s an honor for Shelley and I, as well as our entire Team, to give and serve beside you.

Thank you for being a church with Jesus at the center. One where hope is alive. Where the Spirit moves. Where people are united together—extending grace, and speaking life and value over the lost. A House full of resounding praise, the Word proclaimed, and cities served. A church where destinies are changed, the broken mended, the shattered restored. A body used by God to fulfill His plans and His purposes on earth.

I am praying for you, that your Sabbath will fill your heart with greater trust in the God who does immeasurably more.

—Pastor Louie

Family Devotionals

Helpful Guides for Families

As we observe a time of Sabbath, we have the opportunity to stop, rest, and remember the faithfulness of God to our House and our families. We want to provide your family with a few devotionals to help in discussing and practicing Sabbath. We hope these devotionals will spark conversation around resting in God and how to put resting in Him into practice!

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