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Learning to Wait & Walk with God

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Episode Notes

Mia Fieldes Dunnavant, is a Australian/American singer song writer with a passion for music and communicating God’s truth. She is wife to Joren Dunnavant, soon to be mommy to a beautiful baby girl and local church builder in Nashville, TN at the Belonging Co. Church. Mia’s faith in God is not only something she so eloquently writes about in her music but it’s the banner she’s lived under for many years. Her testimony of flourishing where she is planted is a marker for her life and a key component to her unwavering faith in Jesus.

In today’s episode, Mia Fieldes Dunnavant joins us alongside Jourdan Johnson to share her faithful testimony in how she’s had to wait & walk with God in every season of her life. Mia carefully unpacks all that it means to surrender every gift and desire back to God trusting He knows the time and season of all things in our lives. This conversation reminds us that the desires we hold dearly in our hearts over our gifts, seasons of life or even dreams can be laid before God believing He will unfold it all in His timing. To continue to watch all that God is doing in Mia’s life, follow her on IG at @miafieldes.

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