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Choose Joy!

30 min
Episode Notes

Bianca is a passionate author, podcaster, preacher, and lover of Jesus. Her greatest mission is to see her closest friends, family and community living real, raw and revolutionary lives in Jesus Name. From her books to her preaching style she is genuinely communicating an authenticity to living life on purpose with purpose. To know her is to love her for the vibrancy, zeal and fire she has for Jesus.

In this episode, Bianca sits down with The Grove visionary, Shelley Giglio, to discuss the intentional ways we have an opportunity to choose everlasting joy. Throughout the conversation, Bianca gracefully talks about being both a writer, pastor to a local church, and a woman navigating her own needs in life. She transparently opens her heart around all of these subjects to let us know she doesn’t have it all together but she does choose Jesus, daily. And it’s in choosing Him that she has the everlasting joy only He can provide bringing her complete freedom. To learn more about The Father’s House Orange County, where Bianca leads, visit and to access any of her resources she has authored, follow her on IG @biancaolthoff or visit for more information.

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