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Celebration & Collaboration Over Comparison & Competition

35 min
Episode Notes

Jourdan Johnson, Melodie Malone, and Chidima Ubah serve on the worship team at Passion City Church, where they collaborate both on and off the stage while leveraging their gifts for the glory of God. They illustrate the beauty available to us when we choose to celebrate rather than critique those responding with obedience to similar callings.

Their voices can be heard leading worship at Passion Conferences, Passion’s Sunday gatherings, and of course at The Grove, a monthly gathering for the women of Atlanta, hosted by Shelley Giglio and The Grove Team, now available online for women everywhere.

The Grove is a part of the Passion City Church family in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow @pcc_thegrove on Instagram and visit for more information about The Grove, our gatherings and our FLOURISH mentoring journey.

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