Flourish: Mentor Apply


We are grateful for your interest in becoming a mentor for the women participating in Flourish: A Mentoring Journey with Passion City Church! Before you apply, we want to share some important details regarding the Flourish journey and what our year-long commitment looks like.

The application process for new Flourish mentors includes an interview, background check, and participation in a mentor training session. Once these steps are successfully completed, we will match you with a group of mentees.

The Flourish Mentor Commitment:

  • Mentors are matched with 2-8 mentees. 
  • Interaction with your mentees will include:
    • Meeting monthly with your group in-person. 
    • Being available individually for your mentees, as needed.
    • Attending Flourish Mentoring events in-person or virtually.
  • Mentors, along with mentees, participate in the Flourish curriculum readings and daily devotionals each week.
  • If applying as a new mentor, we ask that you sign up for an interview. A link will be provided upon submission of your application. An interview is not required for returning mentors.
  • The cost for each Flourish participant is simply the price of the Flourish journal.

Completion of the Flourish Mentor application does not guarantee a spot in the Flourish Journey.

Apply To Be A Mentor