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We’ve created a place with your children in mind



We’ve designed our Passion Kids environment very intentionally to allow worship and teaching to come alive for the children of our House. Each child is assigned to a tent based on their grade, where boys meet with boys and girls with girls, being led by our amazing team of Passion Kids Door Holders.


We Want to Provide a Place for Your Child to Experience Jesus

Jesus is our lead story in every room of our House. In fact, He’s our only story – even in Passion Kids. We want to lean in with the families of our House who are raising a generation of children to know and walk in a relationship with Jesus.



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We have the best Door Holders around

Our hope is that every child who walks through the doors of Passion Kids feel seen, accepted, and more importantly are seen, loved and accepted by Jesus and this is exactly what Door Holder do. All of our Door Holders have undergone a thorough screening process of interviews, background checks and training.

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Frequently Asked Questions


During which gatherings is Passion Kids available?

We offer bloom during our 9:30a + 11:45a in-person gathering in Atlanta as well as offer age-specific content on Passion Kids Online.


How do I register my child for Passion Kids if our family is new to Passion City Church?

We are so excited for your children to join us in Passion Kids! If you may, please fill out this pre-registration form for your family. When you arrive onsite, someone from our team will welcome you and help you find the Passion Kids check-in area. As our team checks your family in, we'll give you additional details about our Passion Kids environment!

Pre-Register Your Family


When is my child promoted to the next tent?

When we have in-person gatherings, Passion Kids celebrates RISE Day each fall, when school starts, when each child is promoted to their next tent. They are placed in tents based on grade and gender.


What is the Passion Kids well child policy?

For the safety + wellness of all, children who show signs of sickness will not be allowed into the Passion Kids environment. We require that children be fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications) before entering Passion Kids. This is for the health and protection of all children, families, and Door Holders. You are encouraged to bring your child back to us as soon as he or she is well. If an illness is discovered after a child is in the environment, your child will be separated from the other children and a member of our Staff Team will contact you.

Download our well child policy


Where do I park if coming in-person

bloom check-in will be open from 8:45a-9:15a + 11:15a - 11:40a. Once you arrive onsite, someone from our team will be there to guide you to where we need you to park. Please follow their direction.