#5 in series
The Dwelling Place
#5 in series

The Dwelling Place

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What do you desire above all else? What does your heart long for?

David longed to live in the tabernacle, the dwelling place of God’s presence, and to be surrounded every day by the beauty, glory, and wondrous mystery of almighty God. This insatiable ache to meet Him daily, to know Him and His character personally, could only be satisfied by time in God’s presence.

According to Psalm 27:4, God created in us a desire to seek the “one thing” that satisfies: to commune with the Lord. When we gaze upon His beauty and behold His glory, we begin to live as God designed us to. The desire of our hearts is fulfilled.

David found a place for himself where he could know and enjoy God. Where is that space for you? Find your tabernacle today. Passionately pursue that dwelling. When you make that “one thing” the ultimate goal of your days, you will have no room to forget how good, great, sovereign, and beautiful our Lord is.

Jesus, I want to know You more. Help me passionately pursue communion with You today.

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