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Dania Bernard is a Caribbean immigrant who moved to South Florida at the age of six. She and her mother started going to church a few years later, where they were involved for many years. She was raised to be playful, poised, God-fearing, and to honor the value of hard work. When Dania left for college, she said that the Lord just wasn’t a priority for her so she decided to step away from the church. After college, she got a job in the private jet industry, and let money and success control most of her decisions. Life as she knew it seemed to be heading down a dark path.

But God.

One day, while working and living in New Jersey, she came to a place where she was in desperate need of truth, so she went on a search for it. She ordered a Jesus Bible on Amazon because of how beautiful the cover was. It was through that Jesus Bible that she started reading the Word and discovered a relationship with the Lord.

Dania recently moved to Georgia to live with her mom and started searching for a church home. At the same time, she started reading the verse of the day on the YouVersion Bible app and watching the video devotional that goes along with that verse. One particular day, Pastor Louie was reading the verse of the day and said he was a Pastor of a church in Atlanta. She then searched for Passion City Church, and through our website, discovered that the church behind The Jesus Bible was just down the street from her.

Dania is now a part of our House and continues to get connected to her new church family. She was recently baptized and was able to share her story about how God used a source sent out from our House to draw her back to Jesus, and to a new church home.

We’ll never know on this side of Heaven every way that God multiplies and amplifies what happens inside our walls to change lives worldwide, but we are so grateful to see how God has used this resource in the life of Dania.

The Church is alive and growing stronger

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