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I Am
#6 in series

I AM the Way the Truth and the Life

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Jesus is the Son of God. Nowhere else do we see His beauty more clearly than at the Cross. It is here that God sent his Son into our world so that we could know Him and ultimately be saved by His blood.

See, without Jesus, we’re in deep trouble. We’re stuck in a pit we can’t get out of. We’ve been given the news of a deadly disease. We could never get to God on our own because of our sin in view of His holiness. It would be like trying to flap your arms as hard as possible and fly from Florida to California. It wouldn’t matter how hard you tried. You just weren’t born with wings. When we were born, we were born into a world where sin was in our nature; we were selfish and greedy, we were mean and bitter, and over and over again, we chose what we wanted instead of what God wanted.

But even while we were living in that sin, God looked at us and loved us, and wanted us to be with Him.

This is where that Holiness comes into play. See, God knew that we could never be with him as long as that sinful nature was our story, so because of His love, God wrote us a new one. He sent Jesus into the world and showed us His character through Jesus’ life. He was kind and gentle, powerful and generous, merciful and righteous, and at the right time sacrificial. When Jesus told the disciples that He is the way and the truth and the life, He meant it.

When He said that no one comes to the Father except through Him, He meant that too. The world may tell us that hard work, or “being a good person,” is the way to happiness in Heaven, but the truth is much more radical. Jesus is our way. He is the only way. He is the one who shows us the way to spend our lives here on Earth, and He is the one who traded our sinful nature for His righteousness so that one day we can be with a Holy God forever. The problem was justice, and His mercy was the solution. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus made a way for us to come to the Father.

Do you understand why no one comes to the Father except through Jesus? 

Have you put your trust in Jesus to exchange your sinful nature for His righteousness?