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I Am
#2 in series

I AM the Light of the World

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Imagine being in a place that was so dark you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. A place with no flashlight on your phone and no Alexa you could ask to turn on the lights. Have you ever been in a room like this? It’s pretty rare, but when we’re camping or at home when the power goes out, actual darkness can be rather worrying. It’s a strange thing to want to know where to go, but to not be able to see the way.

In John 8, Jesus tells a big crowd that He is the light of the world and that anyone who follows Him will always have His light to guide them. Think about how powerful of a picture this is, not just when the people had no electricity, meaning no streetlights or flashlights to light their path, but to us today. How often is life confusing? How many times can the path in front of us be hard to see? Here’s a secret that we’ll let you in on, most people have trouble knowing which ways to go in life. It’s not always easy to know which friends to hang out with, or who to date, or what we want to do when we’re finished with school.

This is why this promise of Jesus being the light of the world is so important to us today.

He tells us that if we trust Him and ask Him to guide us, then we will always have the light of Jesus with us. Darkness will still come, and difficult days will happen. There will be challenging choices, and there will even be attacks from the enemy. But when we walk with Jesus, we walk in His light. This is the light that points to how He loves us. This is the light that leads us when we don’t know where to go. This is the light that puts out the darkness. This is the light that has one destination, to the foot of the cross where the light of the world died in the dark. It is here at the cross where our darkness was placed on Him so that His light might live in us. Following Jesus, the light of the world, will lead us along the path that leads to God and living a life with God. The world can be dark, but the good news is Jesus is our light.

Are you walking with Jesus light these days? 

Are you reading His word and asking the Holy Spirit to guide you when you make decisions? 

What choices can you give to God?