#1 in series

First Sunday

3 min

ABOVE + BEYOND is an opportunity for us as a House to give ABOVE what we normally give to go BEYOND where we would normally go. Find out more about ABOVE + BEYOND here.


Each of us had a Sunday…that was our first Sunday.

We all had a first moment when someone made a way for us…
people whom we had never met, holding the door and inviting us to come and see what God has done.

This is the heartbeat of Above + Beyond.

It’s about making a space:
building a house and opening wide the door for someone who is just arriving

It’s for the men and women who will step into mercy.
It’s for the children who will encounter truth and acceptance.
It’s for the teenagers who will find a love that never fails.
It’s for both the young and the old,
who will realize that there is a divine purpose for their lives: that they are chosen by Jesus.

We give so that people like Hannah, who has been part of our house since 2017, have a place to bring people like Vick, who just attended his first gathering.

We give so that people like Akil can experience the new Cumberland location after attending online for over a year–and bring Heather along with him for her first visit.

We give so that Marcus and Dominique can finally visit the house their friends have been telling them about–and have a place where they know their children are going to hear about Jesus.

We give to Above + Beyond because every Sunday is another miracle in the making. Every Sunday is a future being born. Every Sunday is a heart being healed.

We give because every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday.