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The Greatest Love Story

43 min
Episode Notes

Lisa Harper is an author, podcaster, preacher, story teller, comedian and modern day theologian. She’s dedicated her life to the teaching of God’s Word in such a practical and honest way. She friend to all and mama to Missy Harper (14). To know Lisa, is to love her very effective manner of engaging you in the deep things of The Word while adding levity and humor to help you draw closer to Jesus.

In today’s episode, Lisa sits with visionary, Shelley Giglio, to talk about how the greatest love story ever told changed her life! Lisa shares candidly over how God pursued her heart over time in the areas of abandonment, fear, rejection and acceptance. It was God’s love that shaped Lisa into the woman we see today and her testimony of trusting Him through the process is sure to encourage you no matter where you are in your journey. To learn more about Lisa’s new resources, JESUS Devotional, visit her at or follow along with her ministry @lisadharper.

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