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Summer Series :: Why We Scatter

38 min
Episode Notes

This is the fourth episode in our 4-part Summer Series :: The Road to Conference. The idea with these conversations is to spend time over 4 episode during the Summer to cover different aspects of Psalm 84. It is intended to be a resource to women everywhere – those who have decided to attend conference in the fall, women who are still deciding and even those who are unable but listen to the podcast regularly.

In this conversation, Sadie Robertson Huff, author + influencer, sits down with Kerri Stanfill, wife to Kristian Stanfill + faithful Grove supporter, to have a reflective review into Psalm 84:5-6. In this conversation they spend time reviewing the beauty of what happens once we’ve gathered in the presence of the Lord. They unpack the need for us to have our hearts set toward God while being encouraged through the seasons & trials of life. This idea of being on pilgrimage through different times of cool springs or through valleys. This episode is sure to invigorate you around being on mission for the Lord in the places that He’s given you influence.

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