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I Have A New Name

36 min
Episode Notes

Hosanna Wong is a spoken word artist, author, preacher, wife and friend of The Grove. Hosanna and her husband, Guy, serve faithfully on teaching teams at different churches throughout the United States. And this is actually, Hosanna’s 2nd appearance on Season 5 of the Grove Podcast – Why you ask? Because she’s just so nice we released her twice!

In today’s episode with Hosanna Wong + Susan Robinson they discuss all that it means to allow the word of God and your relationship with Jesus to determine your identity. This conversation provides practical resources for uprooting all the adjectives in your life that have been contrary to what God has spoken over you. And reminding women that God has created you for royalty and wants to shift you back to your assigned position as a daughter of the King. If you want to keep up with all Hosanna is doing visit her at and follow her on IG @hosanna.wong

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