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Choosing A Higher Altitude For His Glory

40 min
Episode Notes

Oneka Mcclellan is an author, pastor, friend of The Grove and daughter of Jesus. She and her husband Earl Mcclellan are Pastors at Shoreline City Church with campuses locally and globally. Earl and Oneka also share three beautiful children – Parker, Grayson, and Elle. Oneka’s greatest passions are seeing sisterhood thrive throughout the body of Christ. She for years has challenged the way women both think and see themselves. Her vibrant personality, joy and compassion are one of the many reason she is so loved by anyone who knows her. She’s such a gift to the body of Christ.

In this episode, Oneka Mcclellan has a conversation with Shelley Giglio on all things marriage, church building, and living a faith filled life. She so wonderfully helps us realize that her unconditional joy isn’t because she avoids the heavy or the hard. But instead it’s a heart posture of gratitude toward a loving Savior which cultivates a heart overflowing. This conversation is so personal, practical and purposeful that it’s an absolute encouragement for sure. To learn more about where she pastors alongside her husband Earl visit Shoreline City Church. You can also keep up with Oneka on IG at @onekamcclellan.

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