Why we serve

Every sign, place, communication, decoration—every inch of our space is designed. Intentionally. Culturally. Purposefully. We do not believe our design needs to be ostentatious. But we do believe everything needs to be designed.

Our service is one of the ways we speak to the world around us and reflect God’s beauty. And because God is in the details, we consider everything down to the smallest level. We value creativity because it points us back to the Creator of all.

Regular, ordinary and usual are not on our list of values.

That’s why we put so much thought and energy into the moments we invite people into. Before most people hear the Gospel, they experience it. We want the reflection of God they see in us to be inviting, interesting, inspiring, excellent and compelling.

Passion CRTV Podcast Episode Five

The Fantastical, and Functional, Future of Filmmaking.

In this week's episode, James Vore, our Editorial Manager at Passion, sits down with Passion Filmmakers Kevin Collins and Zach Durden to talk about what it takes to foster a culture of constructive feedback, long-term excellence, and spiritual health on a creative team.

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Because God is the most beautiful one of all, beauty matters in all we do.