Finding Community at Passion City Church


We encourage the people of our House to be invested in two types of groups: Community Groups and Connect Groups. While these types of groups are very different from each other, they both serve the purpose of helping you build community in your area.

Connect Groups

Where Community Becomes Family.

Connect Groups are small gatherings of people from Passion City Church that meet in and around the city of Atlanta. During these get-togethers, your group will share life, pray together, and build community with one another.

Community Groups

Big Church Made Small.

Community Groups are area-based monthly gatherings where people in our House get together to have fun, welcome new faces, and serve our city, all for the sake of community.

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We have groups meeting all throughout the Atlanta Metro area. Sign up for your group below!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a ‘Community Group’ and a ‘Connect Group’?

Community Groups are larger (30+ people), casual groups that gather to bring people together in their specific areas of Atlanta. At Community Group you might play games in the park, serve together, bring your family along, or share a meal.

Connect Groups meet (typically 8-15 people) on a weekly or biweekly basis to discuss Scripture, Sunday talks, or specific books. At a Connect Group, you can expect to dig into Jesus-centered content, pray with a consistent group of people in your area, share meals and life together.


What should I do if I can’t find a Connect Group that fits my schedule?

If no groups on our Group Map work with your schedule, please Request a Group below and our Team will begin the search on your behalf! Many Requests come in each week, so we encourage and challenge you to consider leading a Connect Group to serve as part of the solution.

Request a Group


What does it look like to lead a Connect Group?

Leading a Connect Group is primarily about facilitating conversation and hosting a space. This is not a shepherding or mentoring role but a role in which you initiate gathering community that is mutually beneficial. So long as you can read the provided Discussion Questions to your group and determine where your group will meet each week, you can lead a Connect Group!

For more information on leading a group, check out our Training Guide Here!


How do I start a Connect Group?

To start a Connect Group, fill out our Connect Group Leader Application and we will take it from there! We do require that all Connect Group Leaders attend Welcome to Church.

Connect Group Leader Application


What resources are available for Connect Groups?

We offer Scripture Studies (free), Sunday-Talk Discussion Questions (free), Books, Videos, and Study Guides (for purchase).

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