The Short Game

5 min read

For a lot of us here at Passion City, the best week in sports is Master’s Week. We love the long drives and big swings. But like in life, the most overlooked and often important skills of the golfing greats we love come from their precision around the green; shots from 100 yards or less.


Said another way, the short game. 


It’s not so different in our daily lives as men. If we’re going to be men who chase after God with everything that we have, we need to make the big decision by fixing our eyes on Jesus, AND we need to make holy choices day-after-day.


It’s the short game that often separates those who are serious about their faith and chose to fight for what matters most. It’s the short game that sharpens you into a better husband, a better brother, a better father and a better leader. We often talk in our Fight Clubs about what it means to overcome the things that are trying to trip us up, and cause us to stumble. Those battles are won and lost in the short game. Knowing that, we’ve put together a few resources you can look into if you want to focus more on your Short Game over the next weeks and months:







We know resources aren’t the whole answer, but they are important tools to help shape and shift us into a posture of becoming men after God’s own heart. 


We love linking arms together with you, and we’re pumped to keep leaning in together over the upcoming weeks and months. As it says in Hebrews 10:24-25, let’s keep considering how to stir up each other to good works, not neglecting meeting together, but getting inventive in our love and encouragement for one another. Let’s fight for our brothers and in the process, let’s become masters of the short game as we aim to be more and more like Jesus.