Sabbath Family Devotionals | Mark 4


How do you feel when a storm begins around you? Does the loud thunder, bright crashing of lightning, and heavy rain excite you? Or does it make you a bit scared and possibly unable to sleep? 

Imagine how you would feel if you were in a small boat and a huge storm was all around you. The boat is shaking and being thrown across the waves, and water is splashing everywhere filling the boat. Crazy, right? And definitely SCARY. 

Well, this happened to Jesus and some of his disciples. Mark 4:35-41 tells us of a story when Jesus and some of his disciples climbed aboard a boat after a really long, tiring day of preaching. As a family, spend some time reading this story of Scripture and walking through the questions provided. 

Mark 4:35-41 Questions to Consider //

  • What did Jesus lead His disciples to do? 
  • How did the disciples respond to the storm?
  • How did Jesus respond to the storm?
  • What did Jesus do after the disciples woke Him up?
  • What does Jesus show us about himself through this story?

Creating a Rhythm of Sabbath Moments //

Jesus knew the importance of rest, even when there was a storm going on around him. He also knew that He is the only One able to put a stop to any storm. Jesus rested as He trusted in His might and ability. 

What’s great about this story of Scripture is that we can have similar faith as Jesus. We can trust and rest in Him, knowing that if He has led us to something, He will carry it on to completion. 

Rest is so important at all times but especially when life is difficult. When we are having trouble at school or at home, it is so important to have moments of rest through it. Those moments of rest can remind us that we have a God who can take care of the storms, even while we rest. 

Continuing the Conversation //

  • As a family, discuss what is preventing you from getting rest in God. Discuss what is making you uneasy or tired.
  • Spend time praying to God, thank Him that He’s in control, and for help in gaining the physical and spiritual rest you need. Pray for increased trust in Him as you surrender it all back to Him!