Sabbath Family Devotionals | Deuteronomy 5


Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you’ve felt like you couldn’t get out of a bad situation or something wasn’t going to work out? Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have? Maybe you weren’t supposed to do something and chose not to…and now you have to deal with the consequences? 

The feeling of being stuck can be scary! It can make you feel like no matter what you do, nothing is going to change. Believe it or not, God felt stuck as they were held in captivity in Egypt. But God didn’t want them to be stuck or afraid. Because God loved them and wanted what was best for them, He freed them. He saved them from where they were and did what they could have never done for themselves!

God knew what was best for His people was to remember who He was and what He did. He wanted them to know He would always be with them and that could rest and trust in Him. It was so important to God that He included it in the Ten Commandments!

As a family, read Deuteronomy 5:12-15 to learn more!

Deuteronomy 5:12-25 Questions to Consider //

  • What was God’s day of rest called?
  • What were the people commanded to not do on Sabbath?
  • Where were God’s people captives of?
  • How was Sabbath a way for God’s people to remember what God did for them in Egypt?

Creating a Rhythm of Sabbath Moments //

In Deuteronomy, God reminds His people of the importance of rest. He reminds them that real rest comes only when we trust in God and all that He is doing, not from what we can and can’t do. God reminds His people of when they were in Egypt, and as a reminder of what He did and how He is in control, He commanded His people to rest. He commanded them to stop and trust that He is in control. 

Continuing the Conversation //

  • As a family, discuss some areas of your lives you believe and trust that God can deliver you from, like He did for the Israelites. 
  • As a family, talk about how trusting in God for the things we have no control over is a way to find true rest.