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I Am
#5 in series

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

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Jesus was walking onto the scene where “the one he loved,” Lazarus, had died days before. When Jesus sees Martha, He makes the promise to be the resurrection and the life. This statement, which Martha believed, had implications for her present reality and for eternity. Jesus does not say that he merely has the power to resurrect. But Jesus is claiming to be the source of resurrection and all life. Just moments later, Lazarus is called by Jesus out of the tomb to live again.

For you and me, the power of Jesus over life and death shifts the entire narrative of our lives.

Like Lazarus, there are implications for the here and now. The life that Jesus offers to us is one full of peace despite the troubles that come (John 16:33). We can take on the yoke of Jesus and, in turn, find rest for our souls (Matthew 11:29-30). We have faith that despite our current circumstances, God is faithful to guide us to the finish line (Philippians 1:6).

While the resurrection has given us more than we deserve for this life, the gift expands into eternity. Martha was just months away from watching firsthand as Jesus fulfilled the totality of this promise. Jesus took on the sins of the world, dying the death we deserved, and then conquered death being resurrected from the dead. It is only through Jesus that we have an opportunity to “never die.” Living a life surrendered to the saving power of Jesus Christ changes your life tomorrow, and it changes your life one million years from tomorrow. The resurrection of Jesus is the single most important moment in the history of the world.

Our prayer is that you would personally experience the life that Jesus offers. Your status in relationship to Jesus is the most important thing about you. Living a life that is universally influenced by that relationship is the good life that Jesus promised. This gospel truly changes everything.

What areas of your day-to-day life need to be molded into the life that Jesus called us into?

How does the future promise of eternal life change your perspective of your current situation?