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I Am
#1 in series

I AM the Bread of Life

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There are many reasons people pursue Jesus. Some come right before a game asking for help to play well. We’ve all come right before a test asking for mercy when we didn’t study. Some come to church regularly hoping this may convince God to give them a relationship. Some are very religious because they are convinced that if we are good to God, then God must be good to us. At the bottom of all these examples is wanting something from God more than God Himself. We’ve all been there. But Jesus, in John 6 offers a better reason to come.

Jesus had just fed the 5000. It was the first-ever fast-food experience in history, and the people loved it. So much so, they came to Him from all over wanting Him to give them bread. They came to Him wanting something from Jesus more than Jesus. Jesus makes clear He did not come to give them good things, He came to give them the one thing they were made for, Himself. Jesus says, “I am the bread.” Jesus is not here to ensure that we have a good life, He came to be our life.  Jesus didn’t come to give bread, He came to be bread. He does not exist to serve us, He is inviting us to see that we exist to serve Him. But we will not serve Him until we taste and experience how He has served us. It’s His love for us that wins our hearts to belong to Him. We must eat the bread He offers.

On the last night of the life of Christ, we find Him eating a meal with His followers. With bread in His hands, He broke it in half and said to them, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” The next morning His body was broken as He hung on a tree for the sin of humanity. He embraced our death so we could taste His life. This is the bread we’re meant to consume. This bread will satisfy your deepest desires. This bread will save you from your sickness of sin. This bread tastes like love. This bread is better than anything else the world has to offer. Don’t settle for coming to Christ for something from Him instead of Him. He is the bread, don’t miss Him.

Do you find yourself wanting things from God more than you want God Himself?

Take some time to read over this text and enjoy what Jesus has given you.