Connect Groups


Connect Groups are small gatherings of 4-10 people who meet either in person or online to discuss Community Group content during the second half of our Community Group nights. We are excited about Connect Groups because we believe that growth happens in groups!"

We are excited to announce that Connect Groups are BACK this spring!

Connect Groups will remain consistent throughout the spring, so you will be connecting with the same people each week. Because of this, we ask that you stay consistent in your group as well! We ask that when you sign up for a Connect Group, you make every effort to attend all six Community Group nights throughout the spring season.

Our space is limited and our groups fill up quickly, so we ask that you only sign up for a group if you can commit to joining us for all six Community Group nights.


OPTION ONE: Register a group

OPTION TWO: Find a group

The first way to join a Connect Group is by simply creating your own group! We all have that “quaranteam” we continue to see throughout this season – why not make your time together more meaningful by making your a Connect Group? Each Community Group week, you will receive an email containing teaching notes, discussion questions and the CG Zoom Link.

The second way you can join a CG Connect Group is by signing up for one of the groups we have created. This is a great option if you are looking to meet more people within Passion City Church D.C.! We have created Connect Groups that meet online and in-person for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

We currently have groups meeting either in-person or online. Out of an abundance of caution, leaders can decide to change the format of their group given the COVID-19 climate. Many groups meeting in person may choose to begin the CG meetings online. Regardless of the meeting type, all these groups are reserved for those who live in the DC/DMV area.

Have questions or need help choosing a Connect Group?

Email us at Once you register your Connect Group or sign up to be placed in one, you will be sent the Zoom link for each Community Group night. These Connect Groups will remain consistent throughout the fall season, so we ask that you make every effort to attend all remaining Community Group nights once you are registered.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Zoom Calls?

It’s more important than ever to fight for community, even while we’re all practicing social distancing. That’s why we’ll be meeting as Community Groups using Zoom calls! Below you’ll find some instructions on how to use Zoom, as well as a button to join in whenever we’re meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

How to use Zoom


What time does Community Group meet?

Community Groups begin at 7:30p


What can I expect during Community Group?

During Community Group, you can expect to meet others attending Passion City Church D.C. who live or work in your neighborhood. There will be time to build community and lasting relationships while being encouraged in your walk with Jesus. The first half of these nights will be focused on teaching that is both practical and spiritual; the second half will be spent discussing the teaching content and its application within your family group.


Can I join if I do not live in the DC area?

If you do not live in the DC area, you are still welcome to join us! However, we ask that you create your own Connect Group with others in your area rather than joining one we created. The Connect Groups that Passion City Church D.C. has formed are specifically for locals in the DC/DMV area.


Are community groups for everyone?

Yes! We encourage all adults 18+ to join us, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.


I don't see the group I wanted to register for listed; where did it go?

If you do not see a specific group on our site, that means that the group is full. We encourage you to register for a remaining group that still has space! If there is not a group left that you can join, please email us at


When and where are community groups?

Community Groups are every other Tuesday or Wednesday night from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Each person will sign up to join us for one of those nights. All of our teaching content during the first-half of the night will be online through Zoom. Connect Groups can choose to meet either online or in person for the second-half of the night.


I cannot make all the community group nights. Is this a problem?

Although we strongly encourage everyone to commit to all six Community Group nights (either all Tuesdays or all Wednesdays), we understand that life happens! If you need to miss a night, we still encourage you to join us for the remaining nights. If you know that you will be missing the majority of the Community Group nights, we ask that you do not register for one of the Connect Groups we have created.