Passion Worship Academy

Applications close on August 12

Passion Worship Academy applications are now open for the Fall 2024 season! Be sure to apply by August 12 at 11:59p ET.

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Our Mission:

To equip and develop the hearts and hands of students in our House as they grow toward leading the Church through music.

Why Passion Worship Academy?

For years, the Passion City Church worship team has had the desire to include our students in leading, and we believe now is the time to take the step.

The vast majority of our adult worship team “cut their teeth” on leading worship in the context of their local church growing up. We want to extend that same opportunity to our students. More than having auditions and throwing them up on stage, we want to provide active discipleship for gifted students in our house.

We don’t just want to raise up musicians. We want to develop worshippers who are humble in heart and competent in their craft.

Next Season

Fall 2024

When // Tuesday Nights from September 10 - November 12 (8-weeks)

Time // 7p - 8:45p

Where // Passion City Church Cumberland

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Additional Details

Onboarding Steps

To provide the best possible service to our students, we are looking for those with previous experience in playing an instrument or singing. For those who aspire to play but lack experience, we suggest taking private lessons and applying when adequately prepared.


The cost for the 8-week program will be $250 per student. These funds will help ensure that the Passion Worship Academy operates with a standard of excellence on par with the other rooms of our house. The hope is that students would walk into an environment that accurately reflects their value and that they would walk out feeling believed in. We have scholarships in place to ensure that finances are never a hindrance for someone being a part of the Passion Worship Academy.

Weekly Goals

Each week for 15-20 minutes, the entire group will gather to be taught what it means to worship. This segment will be led by anchors of our worship team.

After the large group setting, students will separate into groups for hands-on lessons with their respective instruments to acquire and strengthen the tools needed to play with freedom and excellence. These groups will focus on building a strong musical foundation as well as collectively learning 5 worship songs.


The program will conclude with a student-led Night Of Worship for friends, family, and student leaders. On a case-by-case basis, those that complete PWA will begin to shadow and lead in Passion Students and Passion Kids.

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Applications Are Open!

Passion Worship Academy applications are now open for the Spring 2024 season! Be sure to apply by February 26 at 11:59p ET.

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