welcome to church – Passion City Church

What is Welcome to Church?

Welcome to Church is a 3-week opportunity to discover the heartbeat of Passion City Church. You will learn more about the beliefs, culture, family and get the chance to meet the leadership of our house. Anyone is welcome to join us on this 3-week journey and you can jump in at any time both at 515 and Cumberland!

Welcome to Church happens three consecutive Sundays in each month and dates can be found on our calendar below as well as links to RSVP for both Cumberland and 515.

Part 1: Who We Are

Learn more about the vision and theology of Passion City Church and meet the team who leads the way.

Part 2: How We Grow

Understand what it looks like to grow in your faith by being a part of the family of Passion City.

Part 3: Why We Serve

Take a step towards contributing to the mission of PCC by becoming a Door Holder.