Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Take Your Next Step This Summer

As summer approaches, we have a lot of opportunities coming your way to find community and take the next step in your relationship with Jesus! See below for everything in our summer lineup, and stay tuned for June 4 to sign up to attend a summer meetup.

Block Parties

Get to know people in your community!

Block Parties are a Passion City summer staple, and they are coming back this summer! Block parties are a great way to meet people from our House and in your neighborhood! We will have food + games, and everyone is invited!

Join us for one or more of our Block Parties happening in the DMV:

DC Block Party
Tuesday, June 6 at 7p
Lincoln Park
East Capitol And 11 St. Washington, DC 20003

VA Block Party
Wednesday, June 7 at 7p
VA Highlands Park
1600 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

Family Block Party
For all families with kids ages infant - 5th grade
Saturday, June 10th from 10a-12p
VA Highlands Park - Splash Pad
1600 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

Students Block Party
For middle + high schoolers and their families
Sunday, June 11th // 2p-4p
225 Winchester Beach Dr, Annapolis, MD 21409

Summer Meetups

This summer we are also introducing something new to our House: Summer Meetups.

We wanted to create multiple opportunities for people to easily get connected and stay connected to others in our House, and that is exactly what Summer Meetups are all about. These will be informal moments for people to gather around a shared experience or shared interest. We will have over 50 Summer Meetups happening all over the DMV throughout the Summer.

These will all begin in June, and you can sign up for them June 4!



LOVE DC is an opportunity for our church to link arms with our existing partners to support their incredible work in a large and impactful way. Our hope is that our efforts not only bolster the incredible work our partners engage in year around, but provides encouragement, resources, and additional love to the individuals, children, and families they serve.

Last year, as a result of the generosity of our church, we were able to partner with over 20 community organizations, rally over 300 volunteers, and complete over 30 projects with our partners

This year we’re hoping to increase our impact by rallying over 350 volunteers, completing over 40 projects, and partnering with over 25 partners. You can sign up to serve at LOVE DC 2023 on June 4!

Starting June 11

Family Groups

This summer, we’re launching a new semester of Family Groups that coincide with our summer season! Family Groups are consistent groups of 4-12 people who meet in living rooms all over DC.

Family groups will meet every other week throughout the summer, starting the week of June 11.

Every time your Family Group meets, you’ll share about your week, how God is moving in your life, and what he is teaching you. Sign ups for Family Groups will open on June 4!