LIFT: A Collective of Worship Leaders, Musicians, and Creatives

LIFT: A Collective of Worship Leaders, Musicians, & Creatives

LIFT is a time to gather together to learn, grow, and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the restraints of leading others. These days will include main sessions with teaching and worship, as well as breakouts ranging from leading worship to production to other creative themes and topics.

LIFT: A Collective of Worship Leaders, Musicians, & Creatives

LIFT is a time to gather together to learn, grow, and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the restraints of leading others. These days will include main sessions with teaching and worship, as well as breakouts ranging from leading worship to production to other creative themes and topics.




Louie Giglio

Pastor of Passion City Church & Founder of Passion Conferences

Shelley Giglio

Director of Label Operations and
Artist Management for sixstepsrecords

Kristian Stanfill

Worship Pastor & Passion Music

Ryan McCormick

Creative Pastor

Cara Dyba

Creative Lead for The Grove

Jeff Lawson

Keyboardist & Music Director

Nick Geiger

Lead Audio Engineer & FOH for Passion Music

Brett Younker

Worship Leader & Passion Music

Ray Coury

Bassist for Passion Music

Sean Curran

Worship Leader & Songwriter

Jourdan Johnson

Worship Leader & Songwriter

Melodie Malone

Worship Leader & Passion Music

Brian Carl

Guitarist for Passion Music

Kenny West

Worship Leader

Chase Hall

Production Designer

Brad Jones

Global Brand Ambassador & Location Pastor

Paul Whittinghill

Drummer for Passion Music

Ji Lee

Worship Team Coordinator & Choir Leader

Leighton Ching

Art Director

Jason Dyba

Creative Project Manager

Joe Brim

Students Creative Coordinator

Chris Donovan

Guitarist for Passion Music

JD Myers

Guitarist & Passion Kids Worship Coordinator

Taylor Charboneau

Production Manager

Jeff Johnson

Worship Leader & Songwriter

Kendra Harrell

Graphic Designer & Photography Door Holder Lead

Tom Mosley

Pastor, Mentor of Worship Leaders for 40+ Years

Cameron Kirschner

Film Producer

Jonathan Sheehan

Global Brand Curator

Makenzie Albracht

Production Project Coordinator

Kevin Collins

Film Producer

Grant Partrick

Passion Students Director

Davis Kornegay

Lighting Designer

Trip Lee

Reach Records Artist

Emily Vogeltanz

The Grove Ambassador

Noah Hawley

Production Manager

Meg Brim

Graphic Designer



*all Breakouts are open to everyone


Leading Between the Songs
Kristian Stanfill, Sean Curran, and Trip Lee

What occurs in the 30-60 seconds between two songs can shift the tone of your entire setlist. Hear the thought process of a few leaders who have been refining their approach for several years.

A Conversation Around Songwriting
Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Sean Curran, and Jeff Johnson

The writers of Passion’s latest album “Follow You Anywhere” and other anthems which include “Worthy of Your Name”, “Glorious Day,” “Build My Life,” and “How Can It Be” share their journey of writing music over many years and what they’ve learned along the way.

Worship for Kids Environments
Melodie Malone, JD Myers, and Ji Lee

Instilling a worship culture that believes children can encounter God at a young age. Learn how the Passion team crafts a musical experience that is engaging to children.

Vocal Workshop
Melodie Malone, Jourdan Johnson, and Kenny West

Three of Passion’s strongest vocalists discuss ways to improve your voice, work within a music group, and lead the people in the room.


Massive Drums, Less Effort
Paul Whittinghill

Upsize your drum sounds from passive-to-massive as we dive into the nitty-gritty details of technique, tuning, and playing with heart.

Crafting Great Guitar Tone
Chris Donovan and Brian Carl

Elton John said, “I’ve always wanted to smash a guitar over someone’s head. You just can’t do that with a piano.” Come learn how to get the tone in your head into the ears of the people.

Bassists, Donuts, and Coffee
Ray Coury

A wise man once wrote, “I don’t know nothing about no jungle and bass.” (Timbaland) Learn what it takes to lay down a solid foundation and stay classic.

Software Based Keyboard Techniques
Jeff Lawson

See an in-depth setup of virtual instruments, host software, and gear used by Passion, and learn how to utilize its strengths in your approach to playing.

Advanced Playback for Ableton Live
Jeff Lawson and JD Myers

Learn how to use both session view and arrangement view to your advantage, create flexible song arrangements, organize a library, and distribute files among multiple rooms and locations.


Fundamentals of B-Roll, Promos, + Recaps
Kevin Collins and Cameron Kirschner

Discover the ways that you can celebrate and promote a gathering through well-produced b-roll footage, including: preparation, shooting systems, in-camera visual techniques, post-production workflow, and stylized editing.

Advanced Filmmaking Techniques
Kevin Collins and Cameron Kirschner

Budgets, locations, scripts, shot lists, cast, crew, set design, costuming, original music: it takes a lot to pull together even the shortest of on-screen stories. This breakout focuses on video teams who are producing original stories.

Building a Photography Team
Kendra Harrell and Brooke Greene

Whether building a photo team of 2 people or 22 people, there are a few ways you can prepare your team to capture great content, stay energized, and give others a glimpse of your ministry.

Creating Artwork for Sermon Series
Leighton Ching and Meg Brim

From pitching comps to final installations, the Passion Design Team aims to create designs with longevity and adaptability in many formats beyond the projector screen.


SMPTE Synchronization
Jason Dyba and Chase Hall

Connect live music, video playback, and lighting cues with the use of longitudinal timecode (LTC). Learn a few shortcuts for building custom files and establishing a workflow for your church.

Live Audio Fundamentals
Nick Geiger

Walk through the steps to achieve great tones out of the most basic of situations, from gain staging to EQ, compression to effects, and more.

Advanced Audio Systems
Nick Geiger

Take an in-depth dive into advanced mix processing, PA optimization via non-linear target curves, creating moments within your mix, and more.

Lighting & Set Design
Chase Hall, Davis Kornegay, and Noah Hawley

Explore some of Passion’s recent set designs, the practical steps taken to fabricate and scale them, and learn some tips and tricks for improving the lighting in your own environment.

Live Video Directing
Taylor Charboneau

Cover the basics of framing, pacing cuts, directing for IMAG vs Broadcast, and other areas related to live video directors.

Production Team Culture
Taylor Charboneau and Makenzie Albracht

Production teams can be culture-setters, too. How we communicate our values will influence the way our teams lead and serve.


The Flow of Your Gathering
Brad Jones, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Lawson, Chris Donovan, Paul Whittinghill,
Ray Coury, and Brian Carl

Everybody feels it when a band, a worship leader, and a speaker work together to create a seamless, dynamic gathering. Learn how to develop a language and culture that maximizes the flow.

The Heart of the Grove: Creating the Exceptional
Shelley Giglio, Emily Vogeltanz, and Cara Dyba

From its inception 6 years ago, the Grove – a monthly worship gathering at Passion City Church – has raised the bar + excelled at creating beautiful, unique worship experiences for the women of Atlanta. Meet the team, led by Shelley Giglio, who cast vision, implement + build installations, and design programming to bring The Grove to life.

Raising up the Next Generation of Worship Leaders
Tom Mosley

Each leader is called by God to maximize His glory for a lifetime. A critical part of that calling includes mentoring, encouraging, and equipping the next generation of worship leaders that God has placed in our path.

Programming a Weekly Gathering
Ryan McCormick

A great gathering is more than just the pairing of a few songs and a message. Get the day-by-day process that Passion City Church takes to program its Sunday experience at multiple locations.

Gears of Communication
Louie Giglio and Brad Jones

The human voice is similar to a 10-speed bike: there are different gears we can switch to in order to bring out unique emotions, engagement, humor, sincerity, and more. Learn how refining your 10-speeds can make you a more effective communicator & leader.

Designing Relevant Student Programming
Grant Partrick, Joe Brim, and Brett Younker

From Instagram to set lists to openers to gatherings, hear the Passion Students team talk about preparing various environments to connect with students, build a worship culture, and raise up future leaders in the church and in the culture.

Importance of Core Values
Jonathan Sheehan and Ryan McCormick

Values and standards provide the skeletal structure that guide and direct our tribe here at Passion City. Hear from two of Passion’s leaders about approaching teams, tasks, and shaping an organization.


$119 through February 7

$129 through March 26

$139 through event


Springhill Suites Buckhead

3459 Buckhead Loop NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

$99    2.7 miles from venue


Friday, May 10
7:30pm – Session 1
10:00pm – Breakout 1

Saturday, May 11
9:00am – Session 2
10:30am – Breakout 2
12:30pm – Session 3
2:30pm – Breakout 3
3:45pm – Session 4

*Lunch Provided
*Schedule is tentative and subject to change


LIFT will be at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The address is 515 Garson Drive NE Atlanta, GA 303024

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You will not need your instrument during LIFT. You are welcome to bring your instrument to Atlanta, however, we do ask that you do not bring it to the Collective.


Spouses are welcome to attend as long as they have purchased a ticket. However, this will not be the appropriate setting for children. Please make outside arrangements for childcare.


Yes, you can take MARTA from the airport to Lindbergh Center Station. The venue is a short walk south of the Lindbergh Center MARTA Station. Please visit the MARTA website for more information.


We expect LIFT to end around 6p on Saturday night.


No refunds are available, however, you can transfer your ticket to the person of your choosing and notify us at: [email protected].

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