What an incredible day our first ever Vision Sunday was for our House!

Isn’t it beautiful to know that the walls of our House here at 515 Garson Drive don’t contain Passion City Church, but that Passion City Church is wherever we are in the city?! It’s with that same pioneering spirit and vision we’re looking ahead towards what’s to come for our House.

The nature of God is vision. Vision to see beyond today and into tomorrow. And the nature of the Gospel is vision and place-making.

Vision Sunday wasn’t about our plans for Passion City Church, but about the Gospel and a mindset saying, “we want to move forward with God into the world.”

But we are excited about the plans we believe God has for our House and hope you’ll lean in with us as we move towards them. Watch the video below from Sunday’s gathering to learn more about where we’re headed.


—Louie Giglio