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The Father’s Blessing

36 min
Episode Notes

Brooke Ligertwood is a Grammy award-winning songwriter, producer, and worship leader. Brooke has always been a servant to the local church through creativity and song, while also successfully stewarding a 16 year mainstream career as a singer song writer. What we love most about her is the passionate way she asserts all of these facets of her life toward following Christ, being a wife and a mommy of two beautiful girls. For more from Brooke, listen back to her episode from Season 4 Episode 2 :: The Choice to Be a Good Tree.

In today’s episode we are pulling from our trove of treasures to bring you this gem of a message. Brooke Ligertwood came to both lead and teach at our local Grove gathering in FEB 2018. In her message she shared boldly around the gift and the importance of the Father’s Blessing in their children’s life. In the beautiful parallel between her own testimony and the story of Issac with his two sons Jacob + Esau, Brooke explains not only the biblical significance but its continued relevance for today.

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