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Ben Stuart
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For many of us, dating is more confusing and stressful than it has ever been, but the longing for an intimate relationship is still there. How can we navigate the risks of dating in a healthy way?

This week, Pastor Ben Stuart continues in our new series by examining the relationship displayed in Song of Solomon and showing us how to date in a way that honors the other person and gives glory to God.

Key Verses // Song of Solomon 2:8 – 3:5

Do you feel frustrated by a pattern of personal failures, overwhelmed by a chaotic culture, or disillusioned by a lack of meaning in everyday life? Your struggles do not mean you’re doomed. They’re actually a sign that you are alive. Now it’s a question of whether you will struggle well.

Pastor Ben’s new book, Rest & War, is a field guide designed to equip you to walk elegantly through the battlefield of life.

Rest & War is out now, order your copy today!

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