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Overcoming Labels for Crowns That Last

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Episode Notes

Demi-Leigh Tebow is a Miss Universe 2017 Titleholder, speaker, entrepreneur, and new author. She and her husband, Tim Tebow, partner together to lead an organization called Night to Shine. It’s an event hosted by local churches around the world. Demi-Leigh also leads a conference called Unbreakable where she educates, empower and equips women to overcome the challenges and barriers to achieve their full potential. Demi-Leigh and Tim lives are such a beautiful picture of outreach. They spend so much of their life sharing the gospel and ministering to those in their path.

In this episode, Demi-Leigh Tebow talks about her passion for seeing women break free from the societal roles and labels that want to give them their identity. She alerts us to be aware of how we allow our careers, motherhood, singleness, hardships, or blessings to define who we are as women. Demi-Leigh + Shelley Giglio during their time remind us that our hope must anchor in Jesus and Him alone. To learn more about Demi-Leigh, her new book A Crown That Lasts, or her conference Unbreakable visit You can also follow her life and all she is doing on IG @demitebow.

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