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New Places New People

Daniele Flickinger
26 min
Episode Notes

Susan Marks, Flourish Coordinator, Daniele Flickinger, Director of Flourish Mentoring + Camilla Williams, co-founder of Relay Exchange Inc., all have one special thing in common. Each one of these women have a unique love and commitment to serve the women in their city. Each week they travel to share God’s word with women who have been subjected to the sex industry and are looking for ways to transition back into normal life rhythms. When they gather their prayer is to share God’s word in order to see women’s lives changed, set free and walking in freedom.

In today’s episode Susan, leads a conversation with Daniele + Camilla around what it means to offer Jesus to new people in new places. These women help us to understand the freedom that exists when we remove the restraints on our lives by remaining within the walls of the church or within our own communities. They recount their own testimonies from every Tuesday, when they gather to serve and advance the Kingdom through love, kindness and discipleship in God’s word. This episode is an encouraging word for all of us to be mindful of both, the narrow boundaries we set for ourselves and how to be Spirit led in breaking those walls down.

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