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Managing Fear + Anxiety with Faith

42 min
Episode Notes

Sissy Goff is a therapist, podcaster, and best-selling author of The Worry-Free Series for children and parents. She alongside her colleagues Melissa Trevathan and David Thomas, have been using their gifts and God’s grace to minister to children and families, at Daystar Counseling Ministries, for over three decades. It’s through their counseling sessions, podcast episodes, and countless books, that they’ve offered their life’s work to sharing practical helpful and hopeful resources to both parents and children.

In this episode, Sissy Goff opens her own life to share how God led her into this line of work and how she has to face the temptations of fear & anxiety. Her testimony unveils all the things she thought she would have and the losses she had to surrender to God, trusting His way, His will, and His plan for her life. As she shares, with Grove friend Brittany Jones, it becomes evidently clear, that the help Sissy offers to others is the very space where she trusts God with her heart. To learn more about Sissy’s resources and ministry visit or tune into their podcast Raising Boys & Girls. If you want to hear more from Sissy, then follow her on IG @sissygoff.

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