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The Day God Ran :: Louie Giglio

For centuries human beings have been running, pushing the ability of our bodies to go further, faster. We've set remarkable records at great and short distances, but the greatest distance ever covered was the gap that God ran through to get to us.


A God Defense :: Shelley Giglio & Jennie Allen

We get the blessing of hearing our leader Shelley Giglio sit in the hot seat as she talks with her dear friend (and great friend of the Grove!) Jennie Allen as they discuss life in ministry and how to keep a soft heart through seasons of adversity.


The Battle is Real :: Louie Giglio

It’s likely you have a threatening giant in your life…an adversary or stronghold that’s diminishing your ability to live a full and free life. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, comfort, or addiction, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives. Demoralized and defeated, we settle for far less than his best. God has a better plan for you, a plan for you to live in victory. That’s why he has silenced your giant once and for all.

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Seven Last Words :: Priscilla Shirer

"The strength of your life will depend on your decision to stay, abide." As we kicked off a brand new year, our friend Priscilla Shirer dropped an amazing word at Passion 2021 about what it takes for us to stay tethered to the true source of strength and life, Jesus.

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The Glory of God :: Brad Jones

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30​) This is a powerful statement from someone who understood what mattered most to God, and therefore what should matter most to us. But it’s hard, it’s difficult to wrap our minds why we have to decrease, and what that really means. Pastor Brad Jones kicks off a new series, ANCHOR, with a look at the life of John the Baptist, and what we can learn from this famous exchange between him and his followers to help us see not only what matters most to God, but what matters most to us as well.

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Our Course Through the Chaos :: Ben Stuart

What do you do when the world turns upside down? How are we as Jesus-followers supposed to react? This week, Washington D.C. Pastor, Ben Stuart, helps us chart our course through the chaos of these days so that in the end our words and actions reflect the God who has promised to see us through.

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Grace is for the Journey :: Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler thought that he would be farther along at age 45: more free and with less struggles. In this stunningly honest talk from Passion 2019, Pastor Chandler uncovers our practical understanding of grace, sin, and maturing in our faith.

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House of Heroes

At Passion, our mission is to galvanize everyone who has breath with the passion to spend their brief moment on Earth for what matters most: loving Jesus and echoing His Glory.

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