#3 in series
Open House

Becoming an Influencer

34 min
VERSES // Romans 1:16-17,12:1-21
Discussion Questions //
  1. Pastor Brad begins the talk by sharing about the potential we hold as “ordinary” people. What “ordinary” person have you seen do something incredibly impactful?
  2. Pastor Brad says ‘pride’ is the greatest threat to our church. What does he mean by this?
  3. Where are you most prideful? In other words, when do you feel the need to exalt your own reputation?
  4. If you can identify instances where you are prideful, can you identify the source of your pride? What is the reason or the insecurity behind your prideful action?
  5. Maybe you are having a hard time seeing your actions as prideful. How about starting with this question: When was the last time you subtly bragged or quietly boasted in something about yourself?
  6. Pastor Brad urges our House to live humbly because humility is attractive to others and it leads to influence. How do you practice humility?
  7. Pastor Brad shares, “Honor is INexpensive” and “Jealousy is expensive.” What does he mean by this?
  8. Pastor Brad encourages our House to be hope-filled people because it stands out to others. Living with hope is one of the most difficult things we do because it is always paired with hardship. When was the last time you had to focus intently on the hope we have as followers of Jesus? What were you facing in that valley of life?
  9. What stands out from Pastor Brads talk? What did you need to be reminded of?
  10. Reread the Scripture Pastor Brad references. What did you need to be reminded of in these texts?
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