A leadership experience for recent graduates

The Passion Residency is ideal for young leaders—those who are graduating from college or have a few years of professional experience and want to pursue ministry vocationally. The Passion Residency is an experience to hone your craft, learn from our team, and develop your personal growth, but most of all, the residency is about leveraging a season of your life for what matters most – the name and renown of Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Residency?

The heartbeat of the Passion Movement is for 18-25-year old’s to live for what matters most – the Name and renown of Jesus. Through the Passion Leadership Experience, we are making a place for your generation to come alongside our team as we make much of Jesus. In your time as a Passion Resident, you will gain experience in your ministry or field while you develop and grow in the key foundational areas of your specific track.


Is the Residency a full-time job?

What we do is full-time, but we consider what we get to do a calling. As a Resident, you will be working and serving full-time alongside the Passion team. This means you will not be able to have another form of employment or educational enrollment.


Who is the Residency for?

The Passion Residency is for young leaders wanting in-depth and hands-on experience in ministry while learning and growing spiritually, personally, and professionally.


What are Residency formations?

While each track’s Formations vary, Resident Formations are periodic team sessions centered around spiritual formation and personal & leadership development.


Is the Residency paid?

Yes, each Resident will receive compensation.

  • Seminary Track – $22,600
  • Church Ministry Track – $28,000
  • Global Track – $28,000
  • Production + Creative Track – $28,000
      Additionally, Residents are eligible for benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance. Please consider the cost of living in Atlanta when prayerfully considering applying for a Residency position with our team.

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    What do I do about housing?

    Passion Residents are responsible for finding and providing their own housing.


    What are the basic requirements for the Passion Residency?

    Each Resident must have a capable laptop and personal transportation.


    What are the dates of the Passion Residency?

    The dates of the Residency depend on the track you are a part of. The dates for the Church Ministry, Global, and Production + Creative Tracks are 6/1/21 – 5/6/22. The Seminary Track, being a two-year program, begins on 6/1/21 and ends on 5/5/23 (or end of spring semester).


    When do applications close?

    Applications will close on February 25, 2021.


    What can I expect in the application process?

    The entire application process consists of 4 stages: 1) Application review; 2) First round interviews; 3) Second round interview; 4) Third round interview. Applicants are not guaranteed to move on to any stage.


    How does the Seminary Track work?

    Through our partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary, Seminary Track Residents are full-time DTS students while also being a Passion City Church Resident employee. As part of our investment and compensation, seminary costs will be subsidized, leaving each Resident responsible for 25% of their seminary costs. That is approximately $10,800 over 2 years. Please note that seminary costs do not include books and other miscellaneous expenses.


    What type of leadership development can I expect?

    The Passion Residency is made for young leaders to hone their craft, calling and character through serving in The Passion Movement. That means you can expect to learn and grow through the community of fellow Residents, in the controlled environments of Formations and in hands-on, on-the-go work and ministry.


    When can I expect to know the final decision?

    You can expect the final stage of the application process to conclude mid-April. Please note this is susceptible to change.


    Can I apply for more than one position?

    Each applicant should only submit one application. In the application, there is a designation noting your secondary position of interest.


    How do I apply?

    Applications can be found by clicking “FIND YOUR ROLE” under each track. There, you will find the Resident roles offered in each track, and a job description and application for each Resident role.


    Can I apply if I don't live in the United States?

    Yes! International applications are welcome! Please note that you would be responsible for any required visa prerequisites and needs.

    Do you still have a question about the Residency?

    Let us know! Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 404-231-7080