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Our House is a generous House. Through your giving, we have been able to make an impact and help thousands of people all in the name of Jesus. Below, you can see what your generous giving helped our partners accomplish in past year.

Above + Beyond

2022 Partner Updates

In 2022, we had 21 Global and Local (ATL+ DC) Partners that we came around at ABOVE + BEYOND. Through your generosity, we were able to continue to support the work they are doing on the frontlines every day. Check out some specifics from our partners below on what your gifts tangibly funded this past year.

FaithBridge Foster Care


With the support of our House, FaithBridge has been able to complete the building of their Child Life History program. Child Life Histories are required by the state of Georgia for children in foster care before they can be adopted. Before the FaithBridge program, some children had to wait well over a year before they were eligible to be adopted.

These histories are more than 1,000 printed pages and encompass everything that is known about the child and their family. FaithBridge estimates that they will print between 1.5 - 2 million pages this year, representing more than 800 children who would otherwise still be waiting in the system for their forever family.

These children should not be made to wait for their forever families and thanks to the generosity of our House, they no longer have to wait.

Read below for updates on all 2022 partner updates.


Beacon Of Hope

Your generous gift of $100,000 allowed ABOH to receive board approval to acquire our new Social Services space in our Decatur clinic where classes have doubled. This expansion space is now used for our Bridge program parenting classes, childcare room, and our new Baby Boutique! The larger space has now been able to keep more supplies for the families, provide areas for kids while parents focus on classes, provide a nursing room, and more.

Because of your generosity, 111 patients participated in their services in 2022 and they shared over 7,000 baby resources.


FCA Atlanta

Our partner, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Atlanta is helping athletes unite their passions of faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Each summer, FCA hosts 3,000 football players at their team football camp. Through the generosity of Passion City Church, an entire high school team who did not have the finances to attend camp, were able to attend camp. This FCA camp was not only about football for this team; it was also a time for these players and coaches to hear about the love of Jesus and to help them find their place in His story. This team was so impacted spiritually by this FCA camp that the entire team left camp and decided they were going to meet as a team each week to pray and study the Bible together.

Because of your generosity, 60 players have been meeting weekly for the past year, both during the season and during the offseason – being equipped to make Jesus famous.

Additionally, your generosity helped secure staff and provide resources to FCA’s collegiate ministry on the campuses of: Georgia Tech, Emory, Georgia State, Oglethorpe, Morehouse, and Agness Scott.


Ethne Health Inc.

Ethne Health delivers comprehensive, high-value healthcare through a culturally sensitive, neighbor-centered medical home that advances Jesus’ love and justice in our vibrant community. Refugees’ limited access to dental care is impacting their physical health – and exposing them to social stigma. To help with this immense need, Ethne Health has now expanded its medical offices to include Ethne Dental. Through the generosity of Passion City Church, they were able to purchase furniture and equipment for their existing clinic and put funds toward the dental clinic.


Peace Prep

God used the generosity of our House to help with 3 major, new initiatives over the past year at Peace Prep Academy that they would not have been able to bring to fruition without your Above and Beyond gift last year!

Last year, Peace Prep was able to offer a 7th-grade class, including a salary for a social studies/science teacher, in addition to funding technology and curriculum for their oldest students. They were also able to develop a longer-term, more sustainable solution for students with learning and behavioral deficits by hiring a new team of intervention specialists, including a reading, math, and behavior interventionist who worked to holistically address the specialized needs of each student requiring additional support. One of the really exciting results of this new initiative was the growth they saw from their students in reading and math intervention on their end-of-year MAP tests, as well as the growth in student’s confidence in themselves as a learner.

They were also able to re-open their after-school program which hadn’t been opened since March 2020. As a result of your generosity, they were able to serve 95% of their students in after-school, which included sports programming such as soccer, flag football, cheerleading, and their first-ever Peace Prep basketball team. After-school programming plays such a vital role in the community as it provides a safe space for kids and it also gives parents more flexibility as it relates to work hours and child care.


Elevate Atlanta

Elevate Atlanta builds long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their communities.” The challenges faced by urban youth are great, but thanks to the generosity of Passion City Church, it has helped them to hire their permanent Executive Director and has positioned them to hire three more teacher mentors in the Fall where they will mentor the student – both inside and outside the classroom and provide adventure activities to challenge and prepare the students to graduate and thrive beyond high school.


OneRace Movement

Our partner, OneRace Movement, is a gospel-centered reconciliation movement that exists to displace historic racism through prayer, relationship, equipping, mercy, and justice. Thanks to the generosity of Passion City Church, they are changing the story for the next generation. In the last year, they have been fortunate to journey with more than 1,000 pastors and leaders, and thousands of believers to equip them for the work of gospel-centered reconciliation. Because of the generosity of our House, this year, they are expanding their impact beyond Atlanta to the rest of the nation.


City of Refuge

Through the generosity of our House, City of Refuge has been able to fully furnish the entire building for their newest facility, The 345. The 345 is their brand new 31-room men’s housing facility that will serve veterans, men re-entering society, and young men in crisis. Each room received a bed, microwave, dresser, nightstand, pictures, desk, etc. Additionally, we were also able to furnish the RA’s office and two communal spaces, which included couches and televisions.


Mothers Advocacy Project

Our partner, Mothers Advocacy Project (MAP), believes strong moms raise strong kids. Their model draws from the latest research studies on the treatment of PTSD and treats the whole person, caring for her physical, emotional, and social needs. Through the generosity of our House, MAP was able to digitize and replicate its 100% success model to be used beyond MAP. In the last year, they were able to serve more than 100 families and of those who completed their program, zero children went into foster care or ended up with an open DFCS case. The model is working and families are staying together.


A Better Way

Because of the generosity of Passion City Church, A Better Way Ministries was able to house and care for 33 individuals in their 18-month discipleship program. Your generosity also helped waive the $1,500 induction fee, purchase all hygiene products, provide three meals per day, shoes and clothing, purchase medications (from high blood pressure to diabetes and seizure), provide dental lab fees, linen and pillows for their beds, pay previous tickets and attend DUI school to get their licenses back, attend parenting classes, and get counseling.

A Better Way Ministries was able to help to aid men to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.


Cobb Pregnancy Services

Thanks to your generosity, Cobb Pregnancy Services was able to launch their second location, expanding much-needed services. In 2022 alone, Cobb Pregnancy Services served 3,221 individuals, providing over 12,000 services.

They also were able to carry out a crucial renovation in the garden where women memorialize the lives of their aborted children. This renovation project amounted to $40,000, which was made possible by your kind contribution. The garden now stands as a serene and beautiful space, allowing for continued healing to take place for those who visit.

Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center

With financial support from the Above and Beyond Funds, Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center has prioritized the development of its ultrasound program. The dedicated funds have been used to build and equip a specialized ultrasound area, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming environment for expectant mothers. The A+B funds have also enabled the center to acquire ultrasound equipment, enabling accurate and high-quality imaging throughout the pregnancy journey. Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center has utilized the funds to hire a labor and delivery nurse who will spearhead the in-house ultrasound program.

Washington D.C.

Northwest Center

Your generosity has allowed Northwest Pregnancy Center to expand and were able to hire a Development Director. The responsibility of the development director is to cultivate partnerships, bolster community engagement, and secure the resources necessary to provide compassionate care to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. The funds have allowed the Center to pursue the hiring of a Pregnancy Center Director. With this hire, the center can streamline operations, serve more clients, and develop innovative programming to serve their clients better. Lastly, the Center was able to purchase essential resources such as furniture and a brand new computer.

Washington D.C.

Raising A Village

Because of the generosity of Passion City Church, Raising A Village Foundation has been able to strengthen their infrastructure through the hiring of a part-time HR Generalist and accountant, support and develop staff through training and professional development, and secure new office space. They said “We are most grateful for Passion City Church. Their giving spirit and belief in our work has helped us sustain our impact.”


Operation Mobilization

Our partner, Operation Mobilization (OM) is a catalyst for helping followers of Jesus display Jesus’ love to others through their work in other countries where access to the gospel is limited (or non-existent). Through your generosity, OM was able to invest heavily in Scatter Coaching, their global career coaching, which provides certified career coaching for any Jesus follower entering the international job search. They also were able to invest in TalentCo, one of OM’s global recruiting organizations, which specializes in placing marketplace workers in businesses, hospitals, and other organizations in areas where Jesus isn’t known. Because of your generosity, Jesus followers are being recruited, coached, equipped, and then mobilized into the very least reached parts of the world: specifically in the Middle East and Asia, with higher numbers than many organizations have ever seen!


Friends of Refugees

Our partner, Friends of Refugees empowers refugees through opportunities for well-being, education, and employment. Through the generosity of Passion City Church, Friends of Refugees was able to provide teachers’ salaries and operate its Family Literacy Program, Refugee Family Literacy. In the past year through Refugee Family Literacy, 156 moms have enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESOL) classes, 206 children have enrolled in early childhood development/ literacy classes, and 196 hours of programming have been provided.


Convoy Of Hope

Our partner Convoy of Hope has a driving passion to strategically offer help and hope to communities around the world. Tragically, Hurricane Ian now has the distinction of being the second-deadliest hurricane to hit the U.S. this century, coming in only behind 2006’s Hurricane Katrina. Because of your generosity, Convoy of Hope was able to send twenty tractor-trailer loads to Fort Myers, with an estimated $1 million dollars worth of relief supplies. Each truck served 1,000 families with one week's worth of food. Your generosity helped 1,500 mobilized volunteers provide 2,212,662 lbs of products to 115,796 individuals at 43 churches/ partners in 25 communities in Florida and South Carolina.

In the words of our partner, “It's moving to imagine a literal convoy of 20 semi trucks speeding down the highway after a hurricane to get to people in Florida, made entirely possible by Passion City!”


God Behind Bars

Since 2009, God Behind Bars has partnered with churches around the country to transform the lives of prison inmates and their families. Because of the generous financial donation of Passion City Church, God Behind Bars has been able to further its reach to inmates all over the nation, including helping launch physical campuses, such as SCI Chester in Chester, PA where 31 men attended the first ever God Behind Bars service in Pennsylvania! In addition to the physical campuses launched, your generosity also helped launch the Pando App, God Behind Bars’ streaming app, on inmate tablets throughout the US. The Pando App allows inmates to stream faith content, including messages from Passion City Church, in all state prisons in Texas and Missouri – where those two states alone represent 138,000 tablets!

Our generosity as a House can go so far when we put it in the hands of the Lord – which has even led to the launch of a seminary program for inmates in Everglades Correctional Institution in Florida. For the first time ever, a prison actually gave God Behind Bars its own dorm to house all seminary participants so they can focus on their studies and relationship with God!

God is on the move behind bars and lives are being changed and restored for His glory.

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