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Our House is a generous House. Through your giving, we have been able to make an impact and help thousands of people all in the name of Jesus. Below, you can see what your generous giving helped our partners accomplish in past year.

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2021 Partner Updates

In 2021, we had 19 Global and Local (ATL+ DC) Partners that we came around by giving over $2 million+ at ABOVE + BEYOND. Through your generosity, we were able to continue to support the work they are doing on the frontlines every day. Check out some specifics from our partners below on what your gifts tangibly funded this past year.

Samaritan's Purse

2021 Partner Update

Thanks to the generosity of our House, we have been able to make gifts to provide for Samaritan’s Purse in Ukraine. Together we have helped over a million hurting Ukrainians—in Jesus’ name. They are working in five sectors, including medical, food, water, shelter, and trauma counseling. According to our friends at Samaritan’s Purse, the Church in Ukraine and across the region has mobilized as never before. In addition to the numerous other ways we are ministering in Ukraine, Samaritan's Purse is helping to ensure donated body armor reaches the pastors who are most in need.

Operation Mobilization

2021 Partner Update

The Operation Mobilization team is working hard at the borders surrounding Ukraine, where over 350,000 have already entered Moldova. They are passing out food and supplies right at the border, hosting hundreds of families, providing vehicle maintenance for those traveling through to seek safety, and even providing programs that allow families to worship + pray + grow in the midst of so many unknowns. Not only are they making a massive impact at the border, but they are also working with their partners inside Ukraine to get food to the Eastern part of the country where the need is great.



Your generosity has helped advance the gospel in some of the most stunning ways among least reached people in the Middle East. Because of you 433 people placed their faith in Jesus, and this number is growing every day, 63 men and women were baptized and are sharing their faith with others, 411 indigenous leaders were equipped to lead house churches, and 149 new house churches are now thriving.


Haggai International

Haggai International kicked off a Virtual Haggai Leader Experience (VHLE) January. Two hundred and twenty-five men and women from around the globe are now being equipped and inspired to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to prepare others to do the same. These leaders are joining virtually from countries like the Philippines, El Salvador, Kenya, and Egypt, and many more.


World Relief

At the end of March, all Afghans in the first phase that fled directly from Afghanistan to the US (over 50,000 people) left the US military bases they were being housed at temporarily and have been resettled into communities throughout the country. World Relief resettled about 2500 through their network, and because of your generosity through ABOVE + BEYOND, you had a hand in making sure these families were cared for + placed in a new home.


Ethne Health

Through the generosity of our House, Ethne Health has been able to serve more patients in their clinic than ever before. They are planning for expansion in the coming year, adding more doctors so they can see more patients, moving to a larger space, and opening a dental practice to meet the needs of the community.


City of Refuge

With the support of our House, City of Refuge helped more than 1,000 individuals arrest crises, restore self-respect, and create a pathway out of poverty. City of Refuge provided life-building resources in four key impact areas: housing, health and wellness, and youth development. Together, we have housed 349 women and children, held job fairs for 629 participants, served 229,950 meals through the 180 Degree Kitchen, and fielded 5,050 housing requests.


Peace Prep

Through your generosity, Peace Prep Academy just finished their seventh school year, officially halfway to the full vision of being a pre-K4 through 12th grade school. This year, students were back in person and they were able to serve more than 70 students from 40 families at their maximum capacity. They experienced major growth in students’ MAP growth scores from the beginning of the year. Seven student families currently live in oaks ATL affordable, dignified housing units around Peace Prep’s campus and are able to walk to school each day. What a joy it is to get to serve these young students and their families!


Elevate Atlanta

Because of our generosity as a House, great progress has been made by the Teachers/Mentors at Elevate Atlanta. They have been trained and have started building relationships with 55 students, which will continue to be built throughout the summer and into next year. For the 2022-2023 school year, Elevate Atlanta will be going into Maynard Jackson’s feeder Elementary School and Middle Schools and will also be starting in their second High School, Frederick Douglass High School.


Sports Catalyst

The Sport Catalyst team has 119 Help Centers operating across 3 states of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, and Zakarpattia, located in churches, gyms, offices, homes, and schools. Over 12,000 people pass through these centers every day receiving food and basic needs. They are also providing evacuation assistance, temporary living in surrounding countries, and not just basic needs, but ministry teams who provide sports, school, creativity, and Bible discovery classes for children every day.



Over the past year, illumiNations has had the opportunity to come alongside 20+ different languages to translate God’s Word across the world. With the help of our House, they are working toward the goal of eradicating Bible poverty in this generation.

Washington D.C.

The House D.C.

Through your generosity, The House D.C was able to provide their children + families with financial resources, food, clothing, and ongoing support. In addition to this, they were able to conduct outreach in the community and the nearby high school, as well as host numerous community events + retreats. Lastly, through our LOVE DC 201 efforts, they were able to make over their Girl’s Room. Since the room upgrades, our girls have reported feeling more comfortable discussing personal issues with staff. While relaxing in the Girl’s Room, a senior student commented, “This is the room I never had." Later the student expressed that she did not have a home, but could find temporary shelter. The House DC used funds to help her with food, clothing, senior dues, and a full prom experience. With the support of Passion City Church, The House also purchased her an airline ticket to attend freshman orientation at a college in North Carolina.

Washington D.C.

The Reset 180

Through your generosity, Reset 180 has been able to serve over 42 survivors, conduct over 170 sex buyer outreach conversations, engage in phone outreach to over 176 women.

Washington D.C.

Shaw Community Center

Through our generosity, Shaw Community was able to continue their after-school programming for youth 5-12 years old and their Media Internship and Workforce Development Program for 13 to 16-year-olds. In addition to this, they were able to cover summer stipend for 12 participants. Our generosity also allowed us to revitalize their garden and teach weekly gardening classes in their afterschool program.

Washington D.C.

Unique Learning Center

The Above + Beyond Giving in 2021 allowed us to do several things that were not necessarily planned for within our budget. These impacts include the ability to be able to purchase three new computers that supported our efforts to resume our tutoring/mentoring program with a hybrid schedule, the hiring of three former ULC students who faced unexpected circumstances in their lives and found themselves in need of employment, and the ability to put aside some of these resources to fuel our desire to take our teens and college students on a service trip to Puerto Rico to serve the community in Rincon, PR. We are so grateful for the support that Passion City Church has so freely given. It is something that we do not take lightly. It is a partnership that we deeply value.

Giving at Passion City Church

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