Dear Passion City Family,

What amazing days in the life of our House. After a summer filled with momentum on every front we have collectively paused to rest and remember and celebrate the beauty of who God is through Sabbath. Now we’re back, refueled and full of confidence for what God is going to do in and through our House in the coming months.

Over the past twelve months we have experience greater strength and reach in every area of Passion City Church. On average, more people gathered at PCC this summer than at any other time in the life of our church. Our staff and Door Holder teams have significantly expanded, ministry opportunities have increased and close to 1100 light bulbs now illuminate the Jesus is Life wall.

This is all the result of God’s kindness. Yet at the same time His kindness has been coupled with your generosity. One of the key components of our culture at Passion City is that generosity is normal…it’s what Jesus-followers are made of. It’s immensely encouraging to be a part of a House like ours, one that is continually growing into a community of generosity.

That’s why we are looking ahead with expectation towards Generosity Sunday on September 27th. On this day, we have the opportunity to give above and beyond our normal giving to fill the cupboards of our House and make possible the expansion that will help us reach more people in better ways in the year ahead. As you heard on Vision Sunday, we are expanding our tent, looking for ways to reach and serve more people for Jesus.

So, we are asking every family and every single person to seek God’s face and come prepared to give a sacrificial gift on Generosity Sunday. Shelley and I, and our leaders at Passion City, will be doing the same and will be on our knees. For some, that will mean giving for the first time. For others it will be a decision to begin giving consistently to Passion City Church. And for some, Generosity Sunday will mark the beginning of a lifestyle reflected by giving above the normal tithe of 10%.

As God leads, fill out the card you received in the mail or get one on Generosity Sunday with your Generosity Sunday amount AND the amount you desire to give throughout the next year in addition to Generosity Sunday giving. Bring this card and your gift on September 27th as we will celebrate a special time of giving in every gathering.

Giving today paves the way for vision tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what God does in and through our House as we grow in generosity together.


Grateful to be your pastor!


—Louie Giglio

That We May