Creative – Passion City Church




(applications will open again in Fall 2018)

graphic design

Because God is the most beautiful One of all, beauty matters in all we do.

Every sign, place, communication, decoration—every inch of our space is designed. Intentionally. Culturally. Purposefully. We do not believe our design needs to be ostentatious. But we do believe everything needs to be designed.

Our design is one of the ways we speak to the world around us and reflect God’s beauty. And because God is in the details, we design down to the smallest level. We value creativity because it points us back to the Creator of all.

Regular, ordinary, and usual are not on our list of values.

Design affirms that we are current and helps us usher His unchanging message to a rapidly evolving world. That’s why we put so much thought and energy into the spaces we invite people into. Before most people hear us, they see us. We want what they see to be inviting, interesting, inspiring, excellent, and compelling.

Because order communicates purpose, and attention to detail reflects beauty, we pay attention to our surroundings. We displace clutter, wipe counters, straighten pillows, pick up paper towels that miss the trash can, create welcoming spaces, and leave environments looking better than when we arrived.