North Cobb

Todd + Lauren Wilman

We LOVE community. We believe we were made for it, and there is something special about finding friends in your corner of the world that feel like family. People to come around you, to celebrate life’s greatest victories, and also carry you through some of the heaviest seasons you encounter. That’s what we’ve found at Community Group. We’ve found belonging, we’ve found family, and we want you to find it too. We can’t wait to meet you!
Our family has lived in the Acworth/Kennesaw area for 12 years. Todd works in Sandy Springs as a Civil Engineer, serves as Doorholder on the Cumberland Leadership team and Lauren is a full time mom of 3 kids– 7, 5, and 3, works part time as a nurse in the ER at Kennestone Hospital and serves as a Door Holder in Bloom at PCC – Cumberland. We can’t wait to meet you.

One thing we LOVE about NCCG is the diversity of life stages represented. North Cobb is geographically dynamic, and our group represents this well. We have a diverse group of all ages, ranging from college-age students, young/middle age singles, families, retirees, etc. So if it’s your first time…you are not alone. We are excited to meet you and looking forward to building a community together.
No matter your age, stage, or geographical location, North Cobb Community Group is the place for you!

It’s more important than ever to fight for community, even while we’re all practicing social distancing. That’s why we’ll be meeting as Community Groups using Zoom calls! Below you’ll find some instructions on how to use Zoom, as well as a button to join in whenever we’re meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!