Jake + Emily Gross

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside the Marietta Community Group Host Team as the Facilitators. Our heartbeat as a couple is to lean in together in fostering deep and meaningful community for those at PCC who live in and around Marietta. People “finding their people” to walk with through the highs and lows of life, all while spurring one another toward knowing Jesus, is what we’ve seen occur in the past through MCG and what we desire to see even more of in the days ahead.

Our family has lived in Marietta for about 7 years. We both grew up in the metro-Atlanta area and moved “back home” after having lived for several years in Auburn and then in Los Angeles. We have three beautiful daughters, ages 11 and twin 9-year-olds (hence, the move back from California!). Jake works for Passion as the Director of Passion Global Institute, and Emily works for Passion as the Bloom Coordinator for PCC-Cumberland. We can’t wait to meet you!

One thing we LOVE about MCG is the diversity of life stages represented. As a city, Marietta is geographically dynamic, and our group represents this reality. Marietta is the Northwest hub of several OTP communities, as well as serving as host to several thriving Colleges and Universities. Not only that, but we’re also close enough to Atlanta to maintain some of that in-town vibe. No matter your age, stage, or geographical location, Marietta Community Group is the place for you!

It’s more important than ever to fight for community, even while we’re all practicing social distancing. That’s why we’ll be meeting as Community Groups using Zoom calls! Below you’ll find some instructions on how to use Zoom, as well as a button to join in whenever we’re meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!