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Flourish in Adversity
#2 in series

What Are You Living For?

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A few decades ago, an article was published entitled, “If You Are 35, You Have 500 Days To Live.” The author made the conjecture that a lot of what we do isn’t really what one would consider ‘living.’ So, in an average life span of 71 years, if you subtract the time you spend sleeping, working, eating, commuting, doing chores, caring for hygiene, the time left for real ‘living’ is greatly reduced. Add to that miscellaneous time-stealers (and this was written before the internet!), and in the next 36 years you would have only 500 days to spend as you wish.

That should be a little sobering for followers of Jesus and ought to cause us to think carefully about what we give our attention to. The Bible is clear that all believers have been called by God to a purpose and empowered by His Spirit in order to invest the years we’ve been given in His kingdom, to make an impact on others for His glory (Matt. 28:18-20).

In today’s readings, you’ll see how Esther was challenged to step out in faith because she was positioned by God “for such a time as this” (Es. 4:14). As you dwell in this story, consider how God might have positioned you where you are for His purposes which are greater than what you can see right now.